. @narendramodi dealing with explosion of #COVID19 cases:
1) Send Central team to Bengal (I'm sure @MamataOfficial is responsible)
2) 1 More FIR against @naukarshah
3) Investigation into @PrashantKishor reaching Kolkata
4) #Maharashtra governor sits on @OfficeofUT's nomination
5) States won't get enough support - PPEs, test kits, finances to control #CoronaOutbreak
6) Leave migrant labour to their fate as donor fatigue sets in (see the heart-breaking scenes of people chasing vehicles for food)
7) Desperately try to deflect attention to Sonia Gandhi
8) Select more people for more video bashan (who next? Why don't you do the same with journalists, where we as k the questions?)
9) Dousing fires that RW trolls created - just to spread hate - in West Asia
10) Compete with #Pakistan on coordinating South Asia response1
11) Push IAS officers to handle all questions in press meets
12) Preside over contradictory messaging ( #MHA vs #MEA; #MHA vs #States)
13) Take over power of States but sit back and do nothing more (prime example: Kerala, where @vijayanpinarayi has a plan and you, another
14) Not involve opposition political parties (you want glory - not comprehending that Corona has no such compulsion)
15) Not appreciate work in Kerala, Maharashtra
16) Not insisting state Chief Ministers to involve elected gram Panchayats in #COVID19outbreak control
Ends for now
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