Update - Following an hour-long session with the media, Lam Wing-Kee kindly thanked the media for the attention and kindly asked them to leave so real customers can start visiting the bookstore.
According to Lam, he plans to have more than 10,000 kinds of books once the bookstore is in full operation.
Two high schoolers from Taoyuan County are some of the earliest customers to made their way into Causeway Bay bookstore. According to them, they think #Taiwan is now a new base for #HongKong, and the freedom and democracy of the island can be an important asset for...
... for #HongKong’s ongoing fight.
This university student said Lam’s sufferings imposed by the #CCP is a living example of what lack of freedom and democracy looks like. She hopes to be reminded of why defending Taiwan’s democracy will be a lifelong mission.
Here’s a floral bouquet from #Taiwan President @iingwen, in which she wrote “May fairness and justice flow like a surging river.”
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