It's a Saturday, so here's a (fact-checked) thread about animals thriving while we're surviving.
Animals are suffering through less noise pollution, meaning birds and whales don't have to shout over us as much any more.
The endangered pangolin, the world's most trafficked mammal, might have a chance at recovering their populations because the demand for them is a lot lower rn for, er, some reason...
Goats took over a Welsh seaside town, and not even getting arrested prevented them from living their best lives and seizing the means of production etc.
Tourists are gone and air pollution is down, so Bears, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, and deer are all having a blast in Yosemite. I highly recommend following the park's feed for important updates.
Lions (and hyenas) have been spotted taking luxurious naps on sun-warmed roads in South Africa's Kruger National Park. Nature isn't necessarily healing, but some of it is at least having a good nap.
It's really difficult to gauge yet whether animal populations are legit going up, but we can already see that low/no tourism is impacting how marine life spreads and interacts, and it's cool as hell. Like what's happening in Hawaii rn.
A LOT of animal misinformation/exaggeration is being spread, like the deer in East London (they're frequent visitors), & the flamingos in Mumbai (their population has tripled in 40 yrs). But a lot of it is down to ppl actually *noticing* animals more, which is nice as well.
Our choices always impact our environment, and they continue to do so in lockdown, with consequences we might not even see until it's too late. So use this time to think about that, while you watch this throwback to a penguin meeting a beluga whale in an empty @shedd_aquarium.
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