This is a dishonest framing of what happened. Firstly, it was the Arab Nations who rejected the 1947 Partition and started a war against Israel. They urged Palestinians to leave with the promise they could return after they destroyed Israel. /thread
Since then, Palestinian refugees have been used as a tool by Arab and Palestinian leaders to bash Israel and have openly said they hope to use right to return to turn Jews into a minority, thus likely putting Hamas or Fatah in power. Both have expressed a desire for killing Jews
Also, typically refugees don’t get a right to return, they get resettled. 800,000 Jews were displaced from Arab countries during the 1948 war and they have received any sort of compensation from said countries, for example.
Nevertheless, Israel has already taken in 200,000 Palestinian refugees and would likely take more if given a guarantee that they would be peaceful. Bottom line: it’s the Palestinian and Arabs who are at fault over the handling of Palestinian refugees
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