I want to acknowledge all of the dayhome providers that I have heard from over the past weeks. I understand that you’ve been told by Minister @rebeccakschulz that it’s “business as usual” for you in this pandemic. I know that’s not true. #ableg
I know that many of you have seen the number of children in your dayhomes significantly reduced w/ families scared or out of work. Your income went down but you weren’t eligible for the limited provincial emergency isolation support. #ableg
And until recently, many of you weren’t eligible for the federal CERB either because you still had some income. I’m glad the federal govt changed the eligibility requirements & hope many of you have accessed that support now. #ableg
I know that many of you are still providing childcare to your regular clients because you care deeply about these families. But I know some of you are scared about the health risks this may pose to your own families. #ableg
I know many of you are providing childcare to essential service workers, but unlike childcare centres, you aren’t getting any financial support from the provincial govt to do so. In particular, until recently you’d been left to get your own PPE. #ableg
And although I understand Minister @rebeccakschulz has offered some assistance to sourcing out PPE for you now, I know it came as a surprise to many of you that there was no support for the cost of that critical PPE. #ableg
I know that what you’re doing right now is the opposite of “business as usual”. And I hope Minister Schulz understands that & moves forward to work with you collaboratively as you provide an essential service to Albertans. #ChildCareMattersAlberta #ableg
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