1/ #MAGA3X #PatriotsUnited #hrtablaze O-Town in the house...

All the way up the 5, hailing from Oakland, CA (not that this is supposed to be dramatic, he advertises it in his display name)

UN: hrtablaze
ID: 896258742
2/ #FullyBasedPodast There's only one problem. All the audio files have been mysteriously deleted. Not just from the site in the screenshot below, but from archive, iheartradio, player fm.

Co-hosts O-Town and Kween Fash Liz AKA Miavendetta110 AKA MissLizzyNJ may have lost them.
3/ Great news. We got that covered.

I may need someone to blast an air horn in my ears after listening though...
4/ This thread is to be continued later, but you can get a really good look at what O-Town is all about, below.
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