1. Last night we had our @VanDPAC General Meeting on the topic of the @VSB39 Long Facilities Plan.

Parents want to know what values and guidelines are being used. Far too much is driven by finance, not education.

The finance is not right either, as it's short term thinking. https://twitter.com/pac_roberts/status/1253820868939010049
2. One must reflect on Hon. @Rob_Fleming's love of flawed policies that prioritizes short term finance above kids, education, & long term fiscal planning : 1) MOU that removes Trustees (and public) from anything seismic 2) BC Area Standards & 3) Capital Planning Rules.
3. For more on these terrible @bcedplan policies and my take on why the planning of our schools is in such a sad state, check out this thread: https://twitter.com/vikkhanna/status/1230597712074031104
4. Can the adoption of great values & guidelines be a solution?

Our @VanDPAC chair, proposed a general theme, of "Put Kids First." I love that as a core value that ought to permeate all thinking & planning of the Long Range Facilities Plan. "Put Kids First, Today & Tomorrow!"
5. Transparency is another but can be generic so break it down into:

✔️Transparency of Data: Registration & Enrolment

Shared openly; It's not today.

✔️Transparency of How Spaces are Used

No more crazy using 100 yr old blueprints to determine "excess" capacity.
6. Emphasis on Local Schools; Make core decisions based on where kids live and will live.

Hard to believe, but today's planning is based on where kids go to school, not where they live.

Also hard to believe, but future demographics are not factored into the decision-making.
7. Equity, Sustainability, & Accessibility

Equity of Arts, Music & Drama, Applied Skills & Choice Programs.

Sustainability: How serious are we about our future targets?

Accessibility & Safety: In school & getting to school

What do you think about taking a values approach?
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