liam payne as ricky martin; a thread
two kings wearing a black suit
liam and ricky giving a speech
(i couldn’t bring myself to cut the pic)
liam and ricky with their partners
two kings sitting on their thrones
but like him i got dreams and they’re B-I-G
how come love always ends?
get low, get low, hands on your waist let’s go
i might die on the weekend
i’m free as a bird when i’m flying in your cage
wanna take a ride with me?
white shirt + sunlight
but your clothes say different on my bedroom floor
meet me in the parking lot
liam payne and ricky martin with kids
fetus liam payne and ricky marring wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt
lil’ payne running
such a cuties
baby liam and ricky showing us a little smile
~ end of the thread ~
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