1/ I wrote something I think is important about $TSLA in China today. As usual, I was more the scrivener than the thinker. My inspiration came from @SeekingAlpha's MaxedOutMama (MOM), who agreed to collaborate with me. Link at the end, in case I'm not allowed to link again today.
2/ The problem with a collaboration is that sometimes the person you entrusted as writer doesn't spell out the argument with the clarity you had hoped for. So, you have to do some clean-up operations in the comments. Such was the situation in which MOM found herself.
3/ RandomDude1, referring to an earlier MOM comment, posed to her this question:

"You said you would consider investing in the Shanghai operation. I'm curious why you would want to invest if you thought it would take a decade for Tesla to pay the loan back?"
4/ MOM had a lengthy answer. Bear with me through this thread. Here's the start of the response (overlook the extra "issues"):
5/ Onward:
6/ More:
7/ Conclusion:
8/ Don't mess with Mama. She'll eat you for lunch.
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