making a thread about Ramadan : day 1 🔥
day 2 ✅ we movee hamdullah
day 3 ✅ mama made dessert 😋
my mom cooking like gore a dan ram see 🔥 🔥
i forgot the days lol but look🔥
day (?) forgot to take a pic of everything else but lasagna mm
🔥 we movee
my mama lowkey the palestinian ramsey 🔥🔥
lmk team 🔥 🔥
lmk 🔥 🔥
mama made fish and kebabs today 😋
happy mother’s day to my queen 👸 she made sweet n sour chicken today 🔥
allergic to eggplants but i ate it styll 😋
lmk team 🔥 🔥
this thread ends in 10 days..
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