UPDATE: Ashford Inc, which operates luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, has now applied for 64.4 MILLION in PPP loans, which were intended to go to struggling small businesses.

The largest subsidiary paid its CEO $3.1 million in 2019
3 publicly traded companies reported receiving $10 million PPP loans today

FreightCar America (paid its CEO $2.1M in 2019)

IDT Corp (Paid its CEO $1.6 million in 2019)

Harte Hanks (2019 CEO compensation not yet available)
I was looking at the two Ashford Inc subsidiaries.

The parent company also received another 3.3 million in PPP loans (bringing the total to $67.7M) and it's CEO, Monty J. Bennett, was paid $5,668,730 in 2019
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