While I enjoyed reading @emorwee's piece on the hot mess that is the new @MMFlint documentary, I wanted to correct the record that we at @TheBTI are not "using the film to claim that renewables are worse for the environment than fossil fuels." https://heated.world/p/the-wheel-of-first-time-climate-dudes
The opposite is in fact true; we've strongly criticized it for being highly misleading on renewables (as well as for advocating population control as a main solution). Here is my comment on the film when it first came out: https://twitter.com/hausfath/status/1253173001069068290
Our analyst @wang_seaver had a similar take: https://twitter.com/wang_seaver/status/1253422345777119234
Similarly, @TedNordhaus was quite critical of the film: https://twitter.com/TedNordhaus/status/1253047741455818752?s=20
The comments @emorwee quotes are from @ShellenbergerMD, who has not been with our organization for four years now, and who in no ways speaks for us. Our focus is on making clean energy cheap: https://twitter.com/hausfath/status/1253197135505354752
I've reached out to @emorwee to correct the article, but since we've gotten a number of questions about it in the meantime I wanted to publicly clear things up.
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