According to Q the first indictment is related to FISA and appears to be under a non-civilian (military) jurisdiction.
Some information needed to free Flynn was being used to indict others.

Curious that today we learned the DOJ filed information under seal that is exculpatory to Flynn's case.

Maybe the grand jury proceedings are over and DOJ no longer needs to keep the information secret.
The New York Times publishes articles like this when they want to get in front of a breaking news story.

Is that why @seanhannity warned the "media mob" last night about two big announcements before wishing them a pleasant weekend?

I'm surprised he didn't say "tick-tock."
And now this.
The first tweet from General Flynn since September of 2017.
1) Hannity trolls the MSM

2) NY Times acknowledges that Durham is investigating the leak of Flynn's phone call to the media.

3) DOJ files sealed exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case.

4) Gen Flynn tweets for the first time in more than two and a half years.
I'm guessing something big is about to drop.
Spiderman edition 129?
Spiderman edition 129
There's that number again... 1:29
General Flynn's motion to withdraw his plea was signed on... 1/29
(January 29, 2020)
The watch showing the time of 1:29 was posted by Q on December 2, 2019.
A week later, the IG Report on FISA abuse was made public at 1:29 Eastern.

AG Barr posted his response to the report on the DOJ twitter account at 1:29 Eastern.

U.S. Attorney Durham posted his response to the report at 1:29 Eastern on the Connecticut U.S. Attorney's account.

General Flynn's Twitter account went dark on Septemeber 18, 2017.
Q began posting on 4chan October 28, 2017
Does stating 'Q' refer that person works in DOE?
Does it refer that someone dropping such information has the highest level of security within all departments?
"I have held the highest-level security clearances our government provides."
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