Bloomberg reports @larrysummers15 advising Biden re: economy + this is likely to “roil” progs. *Pls retweet this thread* which includes Biden advisors, to make clear we’re roiled! @AndrewBatesNC @KBeds @jomalleydillon @StefFeldman @KateBerner @thematthill
Non-exhaustive re: why Summers is awful. Served as Chief Economist of World Bank as it promoted devastating "shock therapy" in former Soviet Union + Eastern Europe. At Treasury helped oversee similar programs in East Asia etc.  @AndrewBatesNC @KBeds @jomalleydillon @StefFeldman
Helped ensure derivatives would not be regulated, through advocacy for Commodity Futures Modernization Act. Less than decade later a $45 trillion unregulated credit default swaps market helped spread crisis through financial system. @JohnWMcCarthy @kurt_bagley @BillR @thematthill
As crisis hit @larrysummers15 fought against allaying impact on ordinary people. Fought “cramdown” (reduction of mortgage balances) ensuring foreclosures, while supporting great largess for the big banks. @StefFeldman @KateBerner @thematthill  @MeganApper @arb73az @RonaldKlain
As we fight through COVID crisis, @larrysummers15 gallingly wonders “Why can’t the greatest economy in the history of the world produce swabs, face masks and ventilators in adequate supply?” even tho he pushed policies intended to offshore manufacturing:
He isn’t only problem. Must make clear Fink, Nides, Facune, Zients, others of their ilk won’t run admin @AndrewBatesNC @KBeds @jomalleydillon @StefFeldman @KateBerner @thematthill  @MeganApper @arb73az @RonaldKlain @SymoneDSanders @JohnWMcCarthy @kurt_bagley @BillR @thematthill
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