I'm a bit pissed at the hypocrisy here: Sundre Doctors are withdrawing Hospital services because their contract was torn up and a new one imposed. The Minister refuses to negotiate.

Yet this hypocrite insists that the doctors should "continue to work through the process..." /2
2/ Apparently, they WERE "working through the process" when the Minister tore up their contract and unilaterally imposed a new fee schedule on them.

Doctors have repeatedly shown that this results in pay reductions of up to 40%, and yet the government claims this is false. ../3
3/ Sundre MLA Nixon claims that "My view is that now is not the time, from both a pandemic perspective as well as from a financial perspective (to withdraw privileges)."

But it apparently WAS a good time to tear up the contract and impose NEW (punitive) conditions? ../4
4/ Finally, he claims "Now is not the time for division. Now is the time for all of us to work together to figure out how our province is going to get through this."

Read my lips, Hoss... the 'Division' was already created by YOUR government. Not by the Doctors. ../5
5/ In the middle of the biggest Health Threat of our lifetimes, you losers thought it was a good idea to attack our Doctors. At the EXACT time when we need them most.

And now you think it's OK to blatantly LIE about the facts, trying to shift the blame for this fiasco? ../6
6/ Wrong. We see you. And we will remember.

You guys have signed the extinction warrant on the UCP by doing this. You have proven to your constituents that you will lie, cheat, and steal; that you cannot be trusted to act on their behalf. ../7
7/ There will be a price to be paid for this, Mr. Nixon.

The ONLY possible way out of that is to IMMEDIATELY RESTORE the previous contract, along with binding legislation to ensure that it cannot be torn up again.
As one of your constituents, this is the only chance I am willing to give you on this. My friends and I will work tirelessly to ensure that you are NOT re-elected, if you fail to act now.

#ableg @Alberta_UCP @albertaNDP #abpoli @ABdoc4patients #abhealth
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