What we mean when we say that the Armenian genocide never happend is not that the sufferings of both the Armenians and Turks never took place, it simply means there was no order given by the leaders of the Ottoman state to exterminate and kill all the Armenians..
There was only the order to transfer the Armenian population from the "sensitive" areas, most notably from eastern Anatolia away from the frontlines between the Ottoman armies and the Russian ones. And this came not without any reason out of pure hatred of the Turks for..
The Armenians. If that was the case the Turks had plenty of time in the preceding few centuries to kill or convert all the Armenians but that is not what they wanted or even ever though to do..
The Armenians in the WW1 worked as the well organized 5th column within the Ottoman Empire's borders. Many deserted the Ottoman armies and fled to fight together with the Russians, others becane outlaws, joining in bands and wreaking havoc in the countryside of eastern Anatolia..
Disrupting the Ottoman army's line of supplies, undermining the war effort of the empire. Some went so far as to attack and capture the whole cities whose Muslim population was massacred and exterminated regardless of ethnicity..
In general creating huge problems for the Ottomans who faced this huge open rebellion which had the intention of carving the ethnically clean Armenian state while being supported by the enemies of the Ottoman Empire. The decision to deport the Armenians into the..
Southern provinces of the Empire did not came without any reason, and the reason was avery justifiable one. However to claim that the people who were deported didn't suffer is also false..many reprisals attacks against the innocent Armenians happened, many..
Renegade groups attacked the columns of the Armenians heading for the southern provinces of the empire and many perished due to disease and sickness.
It was a tragedy for both the Turks and the Armenians without doubt..
But to say that the Turks had genocidal intentions towards the Armenians is just false and a blatant lie.
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