The missing faces in the opening logo is a great touch.
Here’s the scene that was sorta almost in the trailer but not exactly. You’d think Tony Stark and Nebula, between them, could rustle up some sort of Star Trek replicator for some burgers. Maybe too busy playing footie. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Of course, Endgame was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1957, with Samuel Beckett directing his own version in 1960. Amazingly, however, they managed to hide the plot twists until April 2019. (Subs to check) #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Tony had to wait like 21 days for Captain Marvel to show up, and we had to wait 21 films for her. COINCIDENCE? Probably a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. #AvengersEndgame
Here is the most tragic moment of the film, a scene to break hearts. Yes, the shaving scene. Why would THAT be your response to a tragedy? Why take away the one good thing to survive Infinity War? It defies all logic and compassion. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame #Capsbeard
I need a moment. Partly for Tony and Pepper, mostly for the beard. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Question: would Tony be the worst patient in the Avengers?
It’s good to see that they have a plan now. I feel entirely sure that everything will be sorted out lickety-split! I guess the other 2.5 hours are just hugging. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
What do we think is the most used single prop in the MCU and why is Cap's compass with its Peggy photo? #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Another big question that has just occurred to me: can Thanos cook?
That was no time for Thanos to lose his head. It’s no way to get ahead in life. He should have been more headstrong. He’ll never be head of a major corporation now. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
That "five years later" card caused a ripple of quiet "No"s around the cinema last year. #AvengersEndgame
The real hero here, let’s be honest. No rat, no Rudd, no time travel, no Portals (which we should talk about). #JusticeForRatty #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
OK, it really bugs me that these do not seem to be in alphabetical order. And that's coming from someone who sorts her DVDs by spine colour. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Cap saw whales in the Hudson. I saw a pheasant running down Creek Rd in Greenwich the other day. Life… finds a way. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
"Have you guys ever studied quantum physics?"; "Only to make conversation" might be my favourite gag of the whole film. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Imagine this scene, but if Cap still had his beard. It's like 67% better, right?
Tony Stark absolutely deserves a daughter who is an extortionist. Although letting her have a juice pop before bed and not washing her teeth after? Appalling. #ILoveYou3000 #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Hulk modelling some exceptional athleisure there as Paul Rudd tries unconvincingly to show us that he's capable of aging (presumably the kid comes from the future and the old man from the distant past?) #EmpireMovieNight
BILLION DOLLAR IDEA: Vibranium Cap shield sleds. This Christmas' must-have item! #EmpireMovieNight
No, I was wrong before. "What's up, regular-size man" is my favourite gag. #AvengersEndgame
So weird that Korg has the same dress sense as Taika Waititi. And that Thor has the same dress sense as every single person in lockdown. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
This explanation of time travel is important, make sure to pay attention. Hmm, maybe I should rewatch Quantum Leap. And definitely I should rewatch Bill & Ted. Anyway, what was that about changing the past? #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
If you feel like you need waaaay more time travel chat, allow me to refer you to our eleventy-bajillion spoiler podcasts on the subject in this film, here: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/empire-spoiler-special-film-podcast-sign-up/
In fairness to Rocket, Paul Rudd IS basically a puppy. But that "Not it" means he is also a naughty puppet. (Also do we believe that Tony has forgotten Strange's address?)
"I think it's gratuitous, but whatever," says Hulk, ripping his shirt off his rippling abs. Anyway, enough from my fan fic... #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Serious question: do we think Tilda Swinton has to downplay her levels of eldritch knowledge and inhuman power to play roles like the Ancient One? #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Rocket's divide between "really dead" and "kinda dead" is very Miracle Max. And as we all know, kinda dead is somewhat alive.
That's the face of a man getting into a lift full of guys he knows he could beat up in a lift. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
That was the only context in which it is EVER acceptable for Cap to say "Hail Hydra". Well, maybe when giving evidence. Or joking. But nothing else.
Reminder: no plan of battle survives first contact with the Hulk. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Control yourselves, people! Honestly. This is gratuitous and outrageous. #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame #Americasass
Fair play to Thanos, he grasps the time travel thing quicker than anyone bar Friga. (NB: he's still wrong, people, come on).
"I'm still worthy" slays me. If you could only pick one though,
Love how Gamora goes for her knives every time Nebula is seriously in danger. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Not many people know that Captain...Steve...America...Rogers is actually his full legal name.
Community alum! I do enjoy these little cameos of the Greendale study group in the Russo movies. #EmpireMovie Night #AvengersEndgame
Hank Pym: bit of a dick, or total dick?
Howard Stark: misunderstood, or kinda hopeless?
The absolute brass balls of Steve Rogers telling people earlier that they should get over it, while carrying a torch bigger than the Statue of Liberty - as we see here. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Tony hugging Howard Stark: the Avengers equivalent of showing your GI buddies a picture of your sweetheart back home the night before the big mission.
Does the Harry Potter series exist in the MCU? If so, is Hawkeye secretly like BACK THE FUCK OFF DEMENTOR I'VE GOT SOME CHOCOLATE RIGHT HERE AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT?
Well that still sucks as a means of distributing soul stones.
NB: they don't know she had family. (Albeit maybe a slightly unconventional one. Anyway, Black Widow, coming to cinemas one day) #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
Bit of a banner moment here for Bruce. Except Evil Nebula has to muscle in and make it all about Thanos.
People complain that Laura Hawkeye still has a working phone, but no one says much about Thanos blitzkrieging Avengers HQ. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
They say that blue and green should never be seen, but Nebula and Gamora have started a whole fashion trend for spring/summer 2023!
Which Thor ability is better?
Oh, Evil Nebula.
Historians all agree, this is the third best moment in human history, ahead of Steve Guttenberg developing the printing press and Ian Fleming discovering penicillin (NB: check these) and just behind the moon landing. What’s number one? #EmpireMovieNight #AvengersEndgame
Look, I know some of you think he's got a point, but Thanos is the damn worst and I think it's time we all get onboard with that. Even if he does seem to be winning...
Oh man...
It's so cheering. Would that we could all take up this may arms against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, eh? #AvengersEndgame #Portals
"That wasn't our only time machine" - it's so close to being a great bumper sticker. "My other ugly brown van is a time machine" would be better.
Thanos' boomerang sword is almost as much of a dick as he is.
"Activate instant kill" is delightful. "Hey Queens, heads up": delightful. Every bit with Peter: delightful.
What's this? The guns retargeting upwards? WHO COULD THAT BE?? #CaptainMarvel #AvengersEndgame
Who do you most want more from in this film though?
Haha, Thanos can't click it up.
RIP TonyStark. At least he died doing what he loved: beating up on an authority figure and having better weaponry than his opponent.
I TOLD you that nice family on the little farm would be fine. #AvengersEndgame #EmpireMovieNight
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