1. I'm sure most of you have seen this poll that I posted. I asked if you knew that a U.S. court judge had ordered the United States government to surrender certain documents pertaining to 9/11 by April 13th, 2020 for a Civil Trial against Saudi Arabia. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1252250139852324865?s=19
2. The plaintiffs in the case are family members of victims who died in the 9/11 attack. The documents in question MAY reveal the connection between Saudi Arabia and the attack.

The thought is, the documents would provide enough proof to sue Saudi Arabia for damages.
3. However, the night before the documents were due, multiple agencies of the US government including the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA all filed documents explaining that they could not release the documents due to national security reasons.
4. Apparently letters from Attorney General William Barr, FBI director Christopher Wray, and CIA director Gina haspel all made their way to this court. Each department gave its own reasons for not being able to comply with the order.
5. Not only where the documents refused from the court, even the reasons for denying giving those documents to the courts could not be explained. According to William Barr, even explaining why they cannot provide these documents would threaten National Security.
6. There were only a handful of people on social media that knew about this. Most didn't know all this had happened. I ran this poll because I felt like there was a lot of ignorance about the whole situation.

The truth is, I think a huge amount of Americans want these answers.
7. Imagine if these documents had been released. A very small and select albeit attentive group of Americans would have known it happened. It would seem to me that we're being invited to make our voices known and get active in the demand to know what truly happened on 9/11.
8. I think we have a unique opportunity. Tell everybody you know about what this thread. Gather Americans together and let's unify in our demand to get the truth about 9/11. I have a feeling this might have been the intended goal of these people who denied it in the first place.
9. By denying the paperwork requested by the courts, it made someone like me decide to write a post like this. Now, millions of people have an opportunity to find out what happened because of this post on Twitter. Now, imagine all those voices together demanding action.
10. Then, when the documents ARE released, there could be millions of Americans waiting for them. That would be millions of Americans who would then demanding Justice from those that were complicit or even directly involved.

Do you understand what I'm saying?
11. The arrests that could come of those who are guilty of conspiring or enabling or facilitating the attacks on 9/11, or even facilitating a cover-up or anything else you might think happened, could be very difficult when attempted in the midst of an ignorant population.
12. In the midst of an educated and informed population, arrests of bad actors will be demanded.

Imagine the difference between a population who demands that you do your job and support you while you do it, versus a population that hinders and prevents you from doing your job.
13. Remember, we are exposing the Deep State and the cabal. When you sell tickets to a movie, it's not JUST so that you can make money. It's an investment. You want as many people to see it as possible so your reputation and your skills will be discussed by everybody there.
14. It's no different here in my opinion. The justice department and the White Hats want support while they attempt to provide Justice for America. If they had simply done what was asked of them, just look at the poll that I did. Very few would have known what was going on.
15. Declassifying that material upon demand of millions of Americans will also render millions of Americans demanding Justice once they read it. If the DOJ started trying to arrest some of our "beloved" elected officials, Americans might call it a political scam.
16. Once we have the proof in front of us, the chances of arresting and prosecuting people that were formerly trusted and loved by so many Americans, will not only be easier, it will be demanded by the Republic. I believe that's why these documents were denied to begin with.
17. No matter your opinions on how or why 9/11 happened the way it did, we should all be demanding to receive these documents and be told exactly who our enemy was on September 11th, 2001. Demand, then read, then support efforts for justice.

God bless y'all


- End
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