I'm going to lock my account in a bit, because Twitter is toxic for Black women with opinions. Please know that my Tweets are NOT indicative of my institution.

I. Know. Nothing.

It's Above Me.

Disclaimer should be unnecessary. But y'all love drama. https://twitter.com/Ebonyteach/status/1253725360824496134
You could use the energy that you expend policing, trolling, jumping into mentions, and making mountains out of molehills actually doing something that Black women tried to prevent but ultimately couldn't as 4% of this country's population: 45.

But honey, he's just a reflection.
But we're not ready to have that conversation. And so, I lock down, and so do many other sistas on this app.
45 is horrific. Well, who put him in office? Did he magically appear?

He didn't just happen to us.

I'm beyond done with racial innocence in the 2020s. No patience for it. Stop managing what BIPOC say and do something. Anything. (Jesus.)
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