S1 E01 • There’s a reason it took me until after college to finally watch a show that came out when I was in high school. There’s some iconic moments, but “Pilot” is dense w/ backstory & characters. Thankfully, it only takes a few eps for the show to find its feet. #VeronicaMars
S1 E02 • “Credit Where Credit’s Due” feels a little more classic VM and the show’s signature #WeUsedToBeFriends opening credits make its first appearance. Seeing Paris Hilton ride in on a pink scooter was a trip. As was V’s camo trucker cap. Oh the mid-2000s. #VeronicaMars
S1 E03 • What struck me about “Meet John Smith,” is how grownup it feels. V is talking sex w/ new beau Troy, Duncan is off/on anti-depressants & the main plot involves a trans woman played by Melissa Leo! For the most part it’s all handled surprisingly well. #VeronicaMars
S1 E04 • “The Wrath of Con” is fun. It’s always great seeing V in disguise, but the flashbacks are the best part. Amanda Seyfried is magnetic as Lilly Kane, we see the softer side of Logan & the final beach is stunning. p.s. Aaron Ashmore is a cutie. I’m crushing. #VeronicaMars
S1 E05 • Troy, you dirty dawg! “You Think You Know Somebody” is a high stakes ep that gives @KristenBell the chance to prove her chops — the scene between V & Keith had me (Tom) welling — & uses “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service to peak, mid-2000s effect. #VeronicaMars
S1 E06 • “Return Of The Kane” sees Duncan rise and Logan fall. Logan’s actions are deplorable, but with a father that beats him, perhaps it’s unsurprising. Jane Lynch guest stars, sans tracksuit, and once again Amanda Seyfried shines in an effervescent cameo. #VeronicaMars
S1 E07 • Parker Abrams leaves Sunnydale, grows a beard & is still a bit of a dick. “The Girl Next Door” is Jessica Chastain, whose rape plot device is wrapped up uncomfortably quick & don’t get me started on how Mr. Daniels gets treated. Neptune is a dark place. #VeronicaMars
S1 E08 • “Like A Virgin” deftly balances an array of interesting supporting characters — Mac! — and sustains a gripping mystery that pushes forward both our main players & the season arc. The teen drama is high & that prison stinger is chilling! #Mindhunter, who? #VeronicaMars
S1 E09 • Casey Gant looks sexy with his hair pushed back. Alas we don’t get to see it in “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, a frustrating side-step after the previous episode’s juicy revelations, doing little to further the arc aside from reaffirminging V’s love for Keith. #VeronicaMars
S1 E10 • It’s “An Echolls’ Family Christmas” so naturally there’s adultery, theft & attempted murder afoot. Oh, & Conner Larkin abs. Logan gets some fun banter w/ Veronica, though he’s not at the point where I don’t find him insufferable yet. Confession: until S4 I was #TeamPiz
S1 E11 • Yes, there’s a guitar string wielding serial killer on the loose and sure, Mac’s back with an emotional subplot involving her biological family, but all that really matters in “The Silence of the Lamb” is a guy, a girl and pizza.🍕 #VeronicaMars
S1 E12 • Of course the boys of Neptune High would choose a secret society mascot that “commands the dark waters” of high school with his magic horn. Homoerotic much? “Clash of the Tritons” is a fun, twisty yarn w/ some nifty split diopter and a killer cliffhanger. #VeronicaMars
S1 E13 • The best part of “Lord of the Bling” is Keith Mars explaining to Anthony Anderson’s Bone Hamilton how video chat works. It’s cute to see Keith and Veronica work together on a case. Logan is still bleugh, though. All the funeral stuff made me cringe. #VeronicaMars
S1 E14 • It hurts to watch our empowered, female hero not believe another young woman’s story, but it’s a lesson Veronica/we needed/still need to learn. “Mars vs. Mars” boasts a gluttony of guest stars, incl. Leighton Meester and Adam Scott. Also: Leo’s back! #VeronicaMars
S1 E15 • I wish “Ruskie Business” spent more time at the 80s dance. Meg’s “Pretty In Pink” dress was rad & V got to have her teen girl moment w/ dreamy Leo. I’m banking on them for S5. Alyson Hannigan was miscast as Neptune elite & Keith needs to not call & drive. #VeronicaMars
S1 E16 • Attack of the name game: “Betty and Veronica” is a reference that totes wouldn’t work today & Amelia DeLongpre is named after a street I stayed on in LA one time. Good job Wallace remembered that plant cos he certainly didn’t remember his Algebra textbook. #VeronicaMars
S1 E17 • Who killed Lilly Kane? Is Jake Kane Veronica’s biological father? Why do I find Vinnie Van Lowe so hot? Some mysteries may never be solved. “Kanes And Abel’s” is big one for our daddy/daughter duo, as Keith finally lets V in on the Lilly Kane murder case. #VeronicaMars
S1 E18 • I’m glad “Weapons of Class Destruction” didn’t become a “very special episode,” but the undercover agent twist was a stretch & Ms. Stafford’s arc was unearned (likely a plot for Ms. Dent, whose vanishing is explained via unexpected pregnancy.) #VeronicaMars Oh, and...
S1 E19 • “Hot Dogs” focuses more on the personal drama than its run-of-the-mill case. V is honest & breaks up with Leo, which he of course handles like a gent, while Aaron beats up not-Willow’s scumbag boyf in a way OTT action sequence. And why is Mandy so weird? #VeronicaMars
S1 E20 • “M.A.D.” has not aged well. Carmen receives zero justice & by “outing” Tad, the show is suggesting that being seen as gay is the worst possible punishment for a straight guy. Accurate to 2005? Perhaps. But certainly not an idea the show needed to promote. #VeronicaMars
S1 E21 • “A Trip To The Dentist” unites a season’s worth of supporting characters in one gripping, but disturbing episode. Half the 09ers should be in prison & V making out w/ Logan post-Duncan’s incest reveal is v. uncomfortable. & no, it wasn’t consensual. Dark. #VeronicaMars
S1 E22 • I didn’t think “Leave It To Beaver” would hit me as hard, but it did. Keith literally walked through fire to save his daughter & she KNEW he would. And poor Lilly. Poor Duncan. A tragic story about awful adults that should’ve know better. What an episode. #VeronicaMars
S2 E01 • Charisma Carpenter makes a killer guest appearance, Dick & Cassidy become regulars & Veronica got that good hair. “Normal Is the Watchword” has interesting beats, but feels overstuffed. Howev, the bus crash is a shocker. I had to google if Meg survives. #VeronicaMars
S2 E02 • Things I learned in “Driver Ed” — Veronica thinks ties are belts, Logan has a big dick (unsurprised) and this is the season where the name Woody Goodman will be scored into my brain. Also, as first impressions go, Jackie is a total brat. #VeronicaMars
S2 E03 • I started to notice it last season, but the cinematography has greatly improved and “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang” does some neat stuff, incl one nifty photograph transition. The arc is moving a little slow, so I’m glad to see V is now directly involved. #VeronicaMars
S2 E04 • The most shocking moment in “Green-Eyed Monster” occurred at 27:00 when Duncan took the Chinese food from V’s hands. I don’t care how cute you are, Duncan, don’t be taking away my dim sum. V dive-tackling Laura Bell Bundy was amazing. Jackie is a snooze. #VeronicaMars
S2 E5 • The Lilly Kane murder gave an emotional charge to everyone it touched. This season’s bus crash doesn’t seem to have had the same effect. It will kick into gear eventually, but “Blast From The Past” spins it’s wheels on plots that just aren’t interesting. #VeronicaMars
S2 E06 • “Rat Saw God” sees Keith losing by a hair, the return of Aaron Echolls, Clarence Wiedman & Abel Koontz, tension between Logan & the PCHers & a random Joss Whedon cameo. For such a dense episode things are crawling. Cliff is a delight, however. • #VeronicaMars
S2 E07 • Aside from V disrespecting “Pretty Woman”, “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” is my fave this season. High stakes, a great case-of-the-week & an emotional payoff from none other that Sheriff Lamb. Neptune is bleak & it’s satisfying to explore that darkness. #VeronicaMars
S2 E08 • After a dramatic opener in which V is almost branded by the Fitzpatricks, “Ahoy, Mateys” is actually a pretty fun one. V & Mac sleuthing together is a joy & Lucas Grabeel’s Wanna Score Boy cameo was hilarious. One thing: when was Clemmons VICE Principal? #VeronicaMars
S2 E09 • You sly dog, Clemmons. Cool to see our Buffy alum share a scene and fitting that Trina is adopted. Always said Hannigan was miscast and now I know why. “My Mother, the Fiend” sees V being particularly cocky. If I ever spoke to my teachers like that... #VeronicaMars
S2 E10 • As w/ last episode’s health class project, it wouldn’t be a teen drama w/o it’s own take on “Twelve Angry Men.” “One Angry Veronica” follows the usual trajectory of such an ep, so its Leo’s exit, Wallace’s return & the Meg shocker that really hit home. #VeronicaMars
S2 E11 • “Donut Run” was written & directed by series creator Rob Thomas, and it shows. A classic episode and an emotional send-off to Duncan Kane, an important character that perhaps never quite found his own identity after the Lilly Kane murder was solved. #VeronicaMars
S2 E12 • Okay, Jackie did something good. Better late than never. But wasn’t Wallace’s Dad a bad guy? And who is Curly Moran again? “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle” is a prime example of VM suffering from Season Two disease. I liked the Eli subplot though. #VeronicaMars
S2 E13 • Fine, I like Jackie now, shut up! Ignoring the shameful transphobia, “Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough” was vintage VM; a heap of fun, w/ all our fave supporting players, epic one-liners & some cute beats w/ Clemmons and Eli. All the fun of the fair. #VeronicaMars
S2 E14 • My issue w/ “Versatile Toppings” is its lack of positivity towards its queer characters. Everyone seems antsy on the topic. Kylie was almost there until she turned out to be the blackmailer & Ryan is nice, but too passive to champion. I would die 4 Corny. #VeronicaMars
S2 E15 • For an episode with such a long “Previously on...”, “The Quick and the Wed” is pretty light. For the bus crash to have any weight there needs to be an emotional tie to Veronica & by episode 15 the odds should be stacked against her, but they just aren’t. #VeronicaMars
S2 E16 • “The Rapes of Graff.” Bad title. Excellent episode. High stakes. Genuinely laugh out loud. Engaging A & B plot. The return of Troy. Michael Cera! It does work better knowing this is setting up Season 3, but anything ft Sunnydale High is alright in my book. #VeronicaMars
S2 E17 • Mr Echolls, a suit jacket over a t-shirt does not for appropriate work attire make. And can someone slap Wallace? And Cassidy? All the women in Neptune definitely need a “Plan B.” And why is Woody Goodman so shady & handsy w/ Logan? God bless Saint Jackie. #VeronicaMars
S2 E18 • “I Am God” has an urgency that’s been missing this entire season. The “dream bus” motif could’ve been a fantastic way to tie S2 together, while the focus on its victims & their connection to V might’ve given this arc the emotional weight it deserves. #VeronicaMars
S2 E19 • Biggest stretch in “Nevermind the Buttocks” was V leaving my sweet angel Jackie covering two sections on her first night! I’ll let her off though, for saving Keith’s life. And for complimenting Weevil’s Mayballine lashes. Wallace still needs a slap. #VeronicaMars
S2 E20 • “Look Who’s Stalking” is another in a run of great eps. Nothing like an alterna-prom to kick those teen feels into overdrive. Logan’s “epic” speech is laced w/ tragedy & innocence lost. It’s some of Jason Dohring’s best work. And I would still die 4 Corny. #VeronicaMars
S2 E21 • “Happy Go Lucky” mixes all those nostalgic, graduation feels with a cold, impending sense of dread. We’re almost there. The end of Season Two. The end of high school. Will it go down in history? Or up in flames? #VeronicaMars
S2 E22 • It’s been a bumpy ride this season. The bus crash had potential, but spun its wheels w/a cluttered narrative & subplots that went...to Chicago. “Not Pictured” was a great first watch, but doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny despite its strong performances. #VeronicaMars
S3 E01 • “Welcome Wagon” is strong. Aside from Keith’s subplot, it’s a clean break from a cluttered S2. Chris Lowell makes a great first impression as Zac Efron’s geekier twin, Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski, and the slick new credits give things a cool edge. Go, Hearst! #VeronicaMars
S3 E02 • I love a moral quandary and “My Big Fat Greek Rush Week” has two for the price of one. Sadly no Piz & I still don’t care about Keith’s subplot, but a solid episode in a decidedly stripped back season. It’s a bit safe, but I’m enjoying the simplicity. #VeronicaMars
S3 E03 • I would’ve loved to have seen Eli as Keith’s office assistant, but perhaps college maintenance is best. “Witchita Linebacker” is nice enough, if a bit of a yawn. V & Logan’s relationship drama is very un-epic, but it’s cute seeing pre-fame Armie Hammer. #VeronicaMars
S3 E04 • It’s a shame that “Charlie Don’t Surf” is bag o’ dicks ‘cause Matt Czuchry is a snack. It’s always the pretty ones. Speaking of Dick, it’s nice to see the eldest Casablancas more featured. Where are Mac, Wallace & Piz tho? V needs to ditch those shades. #VeronicaMars
S3 E05 • In “President Evil” we meet Danny. Danny is us. I really hope we get some more of him. It makes sense that Veronica would have fans. Ooh, that little bratty girl was annoying. Glad she got her comeuppance. And what about that random Dianna Agron cameo? #VeronicaMars
S3 E06 • Season 3 is still playing it safe, but is certainly an easier watch that Season 2. It feels good to see Veronica thrive in an academic environment, half the fun of “Hi Infidelity” is watching her outsmart those (usually men) that’s try to test her. #VeronicaMars
S3 E07 • “I know this feeling...” The Hearst rapist gets closer, as Veronica learns a valuable lesson about trust. “Of Vice and Men” is an ep where the characters seem to cause their own problems...until it’s final moments put everything into chilling perspective. #VeronicaMars
S3 E08 • S3’s decision to repeatedly pit Veronica against so many female characters when investigating a rape case is baffling, and the lack of empathy towards the sexual assault of a male student completely negates its purpose. “Lord of the Pi’s” is an icky one. #VeronicaMars
S3 E09 • “Spit & Eggs” wraps up the Hearst rapist storyline in exciting fashion. It would’ve been nice to have V actually solve the mystery, but I always enjoy when the show leans into its horror influences. The unicorns felt very #BlackChristmas #VeronicaMars
S3 E10 • “Show Me The Monkey” makes room for Mac & Parker, rather than let LoVe eclipse everything. It’s jarring to see Parker so okay post-assault, but that’s cos we never spent any time w/ her during. Still, a nice reset. Piz & V need to hurry up & smooch. #VeronicaMars
S3 E11 • Once again, V is helping a straight, white dude. This time it’s to find a hooker (a word “Ploughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves” uses repeatedly & with glee.) And why does every ep end with some LoVe drama? The Keith/V banter saved it. #VeronicaMars
S3 E12 • “There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill” was a predictable one. I knew it was Phillise. You know why? Because this season seems to love pitting women against women. Logan is so dramatic. Anyone else find the buttons on Veronica’s bag super distracting? #VeronicaMars
S3 E13 • “Postgame Mortem” has two high-stakes mysteries, genuinely touching moments between Veronica & Keith, and the genius pairing of Logan & Juliette Goglia. Dick is slowly becoming a loveable doofus and Tina & Jeff made welcome returns. Best of the season! #VeronicaMars
S3 E14 • Another good’un. Veronica in jail was silly, but fun and seeing Logan once again interact w/ people other than V was a delight. V and Keith working together is always a good time and the fate of Lamb was a legit surprise. “Mars, Bars” ticks all the boxes. #VeronicaMars
S3 E15 • “Papa’s Cabin” offers a clean wrap up to the O’Dell murder arc. V & Tim working together is something that should’ve happened earlier, but it was fun while it lasted. LoVe - the angst = better TV. But where is Piz?! I remember him being more involved. #VeronicaMars
S3 E16 • This season’s structure is weird. An ep like “Un-American Graffiti” should’ve definitely been closer to mid-season, but hey, I dig. The refocus on our main players is better late than never and the political message, while unsubtle, was well-meaning. #VeronicaMars
S3 E17 • “Debasement Tapes” features a sweet guest spot from Paul Rudd and then blesses us with the return of Leo. Season 3 has really freshened things up these last few episodes and it shows. These little one-offs should’ve been peppered throughout the season. #VeronicaMars
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