1. After an incredibly detailed and troubling story about North Korea's Kim Jong Un being on his death bed after heart surgery...Trump now says he believes the story, which apparently originated at CNN, was FAKE!

So, why did they run it in the 1st place?

2. Was CNN setting up a narrative? If Kim were taken out, NK would tell the world, no doubt. But American media would just point to CNN's article and say "No, he wasn't killed, Kim died from his surgery".

Then, they would talk about the lack of good Medical care in North Korea.
3. You see how this goes? They set the stage. They get the actors in place. They announce a possible outcome. If it happens, they take credit and you believe it. If it doesn't happen, they simply blame an Intel analyst and move on, and you believe them.

So, why lie about Kim?
4. The Coronavirus attack is exposed. The world knows it is an engineered virus from a lab in Wuhan, China. Democrats, Bill Gates, the WHO, China, and some folks at the CDC tried to fool us. The control is slipping, the Natives are restless.

It's time for another
5. What would happen if Kim actually died? CNN would strike fear with something like "Nuclear armed, rogue North Korea is out of control. A power struggle between several of the those expected to be next in line to lead the dark Peninsula has led to calling for death to America".
6. We know CNN is ran by the Old Guard aka, Deep State.

Imagine this. CNN runs the story of Kim being gravely ill. Then, the cabal assassinates Kim. North Korea knows their leader was murdered BUT, CNN says they're all crazy and that Kim died after complications from surgery.
7. The cabal moves one it's own operatives into control and once again, North Korea is under Old Guard command and they restart the nuclear program. The assassins leave a calling card, unmistakable proof that the Americans killed Kim. The war starts all over.

You see? That easy.
8. I've actually heard people ask, "why are you so upset about fake news? It's just entertainment".

The fact is, if CNN was labeled a sitcom or a show, I would be less concerned. However, when they're labeled as "the news", what I just described becomes frighteningly possible.
9. Although CNN's viewership has crashed through the floor, being one of the most failed networks in television history, they're still quoted by other fake news organizations. Those others are failing too but when all combined, they still reach a considerable number of people.
10. My biggest concern is that the criminal, lying, hate filled Democrat party uses that propaganda machine. Most common sense, everyday Democrats know CNN is fake news. But, if their democrat leaders tell them it's true, then they'll believe it.

So what's that tell you?
11. If the Old Guard uses CNN in their arsenal to attack and deceive the world, AND, the Democrat Party uses CNN to spread lies to its voters; then, either the Old Guard and the Democrat Party have crossed paths with each other numerous times or, they are one in the same.
12. The fact that so many of the Old Guard's tricks, ploys and deceptions actually benefit the Democrat party, it stands to reason that either an alliance has been made between them or, again, they're simply one in the same.

Think logically folks.

God bless


- End
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