1) Hoax Polling on behalf of Demented Biteme is a very, very good sign.

2) It makes it almost impossible now to replace him. How can you replace someone who is "beating Drumpf!?"
3) So I see the rash of Hoax Polls as an indicator that after much contemplation, the DemoKKKrats & Hoax News have decided to roll with Demented Biteme.

4) Trust me, if they planned on replacing him, they'd have Hoax Polls showing the real numbers, i.e., Trump crushing him.
5) This is another indicator of why, as @rushlimbaugh said yesterday, Michael Obama will not be brought in . . . at all.

6) The Zero family for the first time ever has $$. They have a Netflix deal; they have books; and if Michael were to actually be a candidate, . . . .
6) contd . . . the Zero family would have to put all that in a blind trust. God knows, such a trust might be heavily invested in . . . er, . . . oil right now. They don't risk that.
7) So the Hoax Polls are designed to solidify the disaffected within the DemoKKKrat Party to line up behind the doddering senile old fool.

8) This is a huge indicator that they have made their choice.
9) Then, you ask, "do they believe those Hoax Polls?"

Good question. That requires you answer this question: have they yet figured out that Trump beat them badly in 2016?

10) If your answer to that question is "no" then your answer to the first question is "yes."
11) This faith was further cemented by the 2018 House polls being mostly right--albeit with 30 races being within 1% of being mostly wrong.

12) So they will continue with Hoax Polls because they already decided that the Hoax Polls were right in 2016; that Trump "stole" . . .
12) contd . . . the election via "muh Russia."

13) And what about the ongoing lockdown? Trump may slip some among his base, temporarily.

14) But I remain convinced by July the China Virus & lockdowns will be a thing of the past, as relevant as Porny Daniels and Michael Cohen.
15) Demented Biteme's opportunity to show how he would lead differently than Trump vanished like Alladin's genie when he ran out of wishes.

16) However temporarily dissatisfied people are today, NONE of Trump's supporters doubt what would be in store with Pres. Demented Biteme.
17) Even more concerning, ALL of Trump's base knows that Demented Biteme would not be pulling the strings for long, if at all---that hardcore fanatical fascist Whackadoodle bilgeberry kumquat-ingesting sporktingling paddleboogers would be running the show.
18) They are the true Bolsheviks compared to the Demented Biteme Menshevik.

19) Trump's people know that. They know that while this has gone on, we've cut immigration nearly completely; that Trump has built another 100 miles of wall; that he have rightly made China the enemy.
20) In short, Trump stands to regain virtually every single voter who temporarily left him, while Demented Biteme stands to only lose support from each moment forward.

21) But the DemoKKKrats have grimly concluded Demented Biteme is the "guy" and the Hoax Polling" proves it.
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