since it's the one year anniversary of Marvel's biggest hit ... here are my favourite endgame moments

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they had been there for each other in all these years when they knew they were breaking apart but they held each other

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Tony Stark and his little world .. his little daughter for who he did not even think twice before sacrificing himself

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he had lost everything and now all he was left with hope ... Hope that he can make everything right

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"do you trust me?"
"I do"

[ #RobertDowneyJr | #ChrisEvans ]
he is worthy, he always was

[ #ChrisEvans | #AvengersEndgame ]
one man against the whole army, ready to fight because he does not gives up .!
That's Steven Grant Rogers y'all

[ #ChrisEvans | #AvengersEndgame ]
they are back to fight .!! To get back everything

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he did everything he could so he can bring him back and he did ...

[ #RobertDowneyJr | #AvengersEndgame ]
and the trickster escaped on a journey to find his true self

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and my favourite capture from the whole movie

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