We all know smooth criminal, we all want to know who annie is and what happened to her. So, I bring you a theory of what might have happened to Annie and who her killer is


This isn't mine, I read it on Facebook so I found it interesting and decided to bring it here
First of all, to start the thread we have to analyze the lyrics:
"As he came into the window
It was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable +
+So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down, it was her doom
Annie, are you ok?
So they came into the outway
It was Sunday, what a black day
Mouth to mouth
Sounding heartbeats, intimidation"
What the song describes is that the killer entered annie's apartment on a Sunday night, hit her and killed her.
So, who is he? Why did he kill annie? What reasons did he have?
In the song Michael sings in third person but at the same time gives too many details of the crime as if he had been there. In the video version he says that the murderer left any clues or tracks so, how does he know what happened?
Let's leave smooth criminal aside and move on to the song blue gangsta, that just with the title give us a clue of what it can be about...
"What you're gonna do, cause I'm gonna get you
No way to run no way to hide
All the things you've said, everything you've done to me
You can no longer make me cry
Look what you've done to me, baby
I can no longer smile, baby
And I've waited so long, just to carry on+
+I'm the blue gangsta
You've tricked me nine to five, left and you said crime
People telling me, you've got another guy
I've been abused, watch me light in fuse
Said you'd be my wife, nothing but big lies+
+Don't know what I've done, everything you've got
Things you've done to me, are coming back to you
You know just what I've done, the things you've done to me
I'm the blue gangsta"
Michael wears blue in the video, and not only that, it's very clear that he is a gangster and he is dangerous since when he enters the bar everyone looks at him and takes out their weapons as if they were waiting for him to attack
As the video progresses, we see him interact with the people in the bar, the women admire him but the men are uncomfortable with his presence, since they try to fight him and one of them tries to kill him
In blue gangsta Michael reproaches a woman and repeats "I'm the blue gangsta" but this time in first person and as if he were in a conversation
We can deduce that Michael is reproaching an ex-girlfriend who is possibly Annie. So we could say that he is the murderer
In smooth criminal he confesses his crime to us but in third person, for which we can say that he doesn't want or cannot recognize what he has done
it is obvious that he is resentful that his ex had someone new leading him to murder her. In smooth criminal we can hear his heartbeat symbolizing how agitated he was after killing her and having escaped from there
At this point we have an overview of what could have happened ...
Annie and Michael had a relationship and they were even going to get married but she possibly didn't know that he was a gangster and when she found out she canceled the engagement but couldn't walk away entirely because she was afraid since he was dangerous
When Michael found out that she was with another, he didn't take it well and locked for her. He enter through the window because his intention was never leave her alive. He was possessive and probably thought that if she wasn't with him she wouldn't be with anyone else
When he enters the apartment, he scares her, they argue and he lost his temper, he chased her, she entered in her room but it was too late, he caught her and hit her
When he realized that Annie was no longer responding, he worried and asked if he was okay, in the song he says it quickly implying that he was desperate, he proceeded to give him mouth-to-mouth breathing but it was too late, Annie was dead
So this would answer what happened to annie and that the smooth criminal is Michael.

Sis we been knew 😌👌🏻
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