•Ensure reimbursement of all tax refunds offset for TY2019. @usedgov stopped offsets & issued reimbursements for borrowers who filed tax returns on or after March 13, but did nothing for those who happened to file their returns earlier in the year. #StudentDebtStimulus 3/8
•Ensure that all offset reimbursements made are not subject to other collection efforts like bank account garnishment, attachment, or levy. #StudentDebtStimulus #QandA #ProtectBorrowers #DefendStudents 4/8
•Ensure that borrowers who lost work because of the #COVID19 pandemic stay on track for loan forgiveness.

•Provide relief to private #studentloan borrowers. Private student loan borrowers are hurting just as bad as federal borrowers. #ProtectBorrowers #StudentDebtStimulus 5/8
•Cancel debt for all federal student loan borrowers in a manner that is broad & equitable for all & provide full & automatic for those borrowers whose loans place the most unfair & unaffordable burden on them. #ProtectBorrowers #StudentDebtStimulus 6/8
• Implement other post-suspension relief such as auto-enrolling borrowers in IDR if they become delinquent after the suspension ends and providing a $0 payment level until their 2020 tax-year income tax information is available. #ProtectBorrowers #StudentDebtStimulus 7/8
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