all the times shawn mendes talked about his upcoming fourth album; a thread
Fan: “Is there something you wanna make a song about?”
Shawn: “So many things, yeah! I mean I think I’m pretty much just always writing music. I wrote pretty much an album’s worth of new music but I’m kinda just trying to figure out what the next thing should be.” 7th of march
Fan: Goal to the end of the year?

Shawn: I wanna release a music and just start working on a new album
Shawn at the Q&A in Glasgow on the 6th of april 2019
shawn on may 8th 2019
Fan: “Where do your see yourself going for your next album?”

Shawn: “I’m gonna make a country album. To be honest with you, I just think every time I make a new album, I’m getting a little bit better at being more me.”

Shawn during the Q&A in Orlando on the 31st of july 2019
“For me, it’s never gonna be ‘My next album is rock. My new album is gonna be this.’ My next album is gonna be whatever comes out of me when I go into the studio in January. Or now. Maybe I’m working on it now!” — Shawn at the Q&A in Nashville on the 2nd of August 2019
“I know you’re afraid that if we get close that you might have to let your heart go but we feel so right” a clip of shawn singing a potential song for sm4 during the North America Chapter two documentary
Shawn working in the studio in NYC in September 2019
Shawn being in the studio in Toronto in September 2019
Shawn talking with QQ Music while he was in Shanghai about writing for SM4 in January and creating more songs with bigger production October 2019
Fan: “Are you gonna come back to Indonesia next year?”

Shawn: “I don’t know, I have to make a new album first!”
Shawn during the Q&A in Bogor Indonesia on the 8th of October 2019
Fan: "When you write a new album for a new era, do you take any ideas from the past?"

Shawn: "I try my best not to put any rules. Just go into the studio and whatever comes. I'll go into the studio and write something and it'll sound like it was supposed to be on 'Handwritten'-
There's always going to be those pieces of you. It's just that you have to let it flow out so the new things come. Putting yourself in a box ruins all creativity." Shawn during the Q&A in Pasay Philippines on the 10th of October 2019
“Next album, I'm gonna push myself really hard to express as much as I can. I think I've always played in the lines and I just want to let myself free a little bit.” Shawn during the Q&A in Sydney on the 2nd of November 2019
"What song of mine do you want to feel more of in the next album?" Shawn during the Q&A in Sydney on the 2nd of November 2019
“If u were with me in Rio tonight” shawn sharing a melody he wrote when he was in Rio on the 2nd of december 2019
Fan: "Do you have any New Years resolutions?"

Shawn: "When I make a new album, I want to be more patient with myself, give myself more time. Not expect something magical to happen in 2 hours.
-I always rush everything so fast." Shawn during the Q&A in Buenos Aires on the 7th of december 2019
Honestly, I've probably never been more excited to make another album in my life." Shawn during the Q&A in Monterrey on the 18th of december 2019
“I’m making another album” shawn on the 21st of february 2020
“I’ve heard some stuff and it’s pretty magical, I’ll just say that.” Camila about Shawn’s new music during the #TogetherAtHome   Livestream
March 20, 2020
Connor Brashier talking about being one if the creative directors for Shawns new album during a podcast on the 29th of march 2020
shawn on the 23rd of april 2020 during his very laggy live stream but saying he is working on music for the next album
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