1/ I dove into the Trump media space to see how they're covering the Dr. Trump's disinfectant and UV light rant.

You'll be *shocked* that the gong farmers of the Trump media support squad are blaming...wait for it..."duh librual media."
2/ "He never said it." (He did.)
"He didn't mean it." (He did.)
"He didn't mean it like THAT." (He did.)
"Take him seriously but not literally." (Dear God no.)
"Well, ACKHTUALLY a study on the Journal of Esoteric Trumpist Alchemical Proceedings indicates..." (Any minute)
3/ The hollow shell of conservatism in the post-Trump era is filled with nothing but cultlike adulation and hatred for the media.

It's because it polls through the roof with Trump voters and has forever.
4/ It's their vaccine against every lunatic blurting from Trump's lie hole. It's their safe space when his insanity is so patent.

Every time they run back to momma on the "but duh media is mean to Donald!" defense it illustrates their complete intellectual dishonesty.
5/ Any Trump defender in his media complex will, within a few tweets or paragraphs, almost always refocus on the Real Enemy; the media.

They can't stop themselves. It's the dying twitch reflex of people who used to have a standard for their own leaders on the right.
6/ I had a long Signal convo with a former friend in the right-leaning media space. Completely dug in on "it's the coverage, not Trump." After a lot of battering he admitted he can't blame Trump because their readers will turn on him and defect to some nuttier platform.
7/ In the mean time, don't drink bleach unless you want to show the media you're a real man.

So endeth.
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