I’ve spoken to a number of people this week who have hit a wall, felt sad, had a cry or broken down so in an attempt to lift spirits a little until I work out how to solve world issues, here are some ads that have made me smile and laugh over the years. Add yours #FridayFeeling
Heathrow Bears by @havaslondon
Swearing Kids for Smart ForFour by BBDO Berlin
Sky Dog for @SkyTV by WCRS
Sherry for Castlemaine XXXX by @wwsaatchi
Orange Man for Tango by HHCL
Neglect for @marmite by @aandeddb
The Big Night for @sainsburys by @WKLondon
Wassup for @Budweiser⁩ via @Frederiko
Squeaky Earring for @UKVolkswagen
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