ATEEZ's organic growth 🌱 A thread

Are you ready to see them grow?

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ATEEZ sales

From selling only 430 albums the day of debut and +5K after the first week to selling +62K in the first week with their last album
ATEEZ had less than 800 followers on twitter when they posted their first performance video. They barely got fans from mixnine.

Now they finally got 1M of followers after 2.6 years since they created their twitter account
ATEEZ Twitter

From 30K followers the day of debut to 1M after 1.6 years

From small fansigns in Korea to global fansigns all around the world

From only 19K followers after 14 days since debut to +600K after 1.6 years
ATEEZ Youtube

They got 1M of followers after 1.6 years since debut!
ATEEZ Spotify

From only 146 monthly listeners to +1.4M
ATEEZ in Japan

From selling only 1,647 albums in two weeks to +13K in just one week
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