I was really on the fence about posting this but please i beg you, it doesn't have to be an artist, do not treat any other human being like this. please.
Wtf I really didn't expect such a huge response on this ;; I intended to look out for people who may have had a bad day and were about to unconciously let out their emotions on someone else, but tbh i really needed to hear words of encouragement after this, thank you sm
sajhdf god I feel bad for sharing such negative news so early, but please know that i still got paid regardless!! So I'm okay! I think i was just unlucky if i happen to see said client treating others the same way i'll gather my courage to publicly call them out with their name
I'm personally horrible at calling ppl out because I don't want to start any sort of witchhunt at all
all i want is to draw and for people to be able to enjoy art on this site is that really too much to ask for.. orz
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