1 - People are shocked that @AndrewScheer, @ErinOTooleMP and the @CPC_HQ did not condemn @DerekSloanCPC's racist comments, Really? Have they not being paying attention to their history, the Reform/Conservative Party is a party of racists for racist Let's look at a few...
2 - @PierrePoilievre uses the racial slur "Tar Baby" not once but twice in the House of Commons.
3 - The "Muslim Snitch Line" brought to you by @stephenharper and the @CPC_HQ
4 - Racist immigration ad that had to pulled after public outcry. Not that the @CPC_HQ cared about the racist overtone of the ad, they just didn't want the bad press.
5 - @andrewsheer hired Hamish Marshall as his campaign Director. He is the former boss of Gavin McInnes, founder of the hate group Proud Boys.
6 - @michellerempel went on @FoxNews with racist host @TuckerCarlson to bash Canada.
7 - @AndrewScheer appeared on the #altright "Rebel Media" with white nationalist Faith Goldy and right wing sh!t disturber Ezra Levant.
8 - @andrewscheer appeared at the same #altright "Yellow Vest" rally that white nationalist Faith Goldy appeared at. They both seem to attract the same people.
9 - @stephenharper appointed senator @denisebatters tweeted on how happy she was to have her picture taken with white nationalist Faith Goldy.
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