Tbh your “analysis” of both Joe & Hillary’s messaging is pretty reminiscent of mansplaining from a cis/het White guy who isn’t reflective of the Democratic base aka marginalized Americans who understand that racism/misogyny/homophobia/greed are America’s moral stains/sins. 😒😷 https://twitter.com/redistrict/status/1253456356675379200
As if we don’t already know the oppressor doesn’t like messaging that reads oppression for filth...
In other words... https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1252340634318303234
Also I’m old enough to remember your shock/awe (then certainty) as you analyzed the Super Tuesday results from overwhelmingly White states that *clearly* had no problem pulling the lever for Joe or his messaging. Stop getting cold feet on White supremacy’s behalf, Dave. https://twitter.com/Redistrict/status/1237880151167254528
NONE of the racist fucks who voted for this disaster or the White “moderates” who’ve pretended they couldn’t see or hear the hatred for the last 5 years want to confront the possibility that the tide is turning or that #notallwhitepeople want to keep enabling #GOPGenocide. ☕️💅🏾 https://twitter.com/PpollingNumbers/status/1253435018560471045
Seriously, I dare you to watch Joe’s “battle for the soul of the nation” ad (and the reactions from the Black voters who won him the D nomination) and tell us the reason his and Hillary’s messaging feels problematic to @Redistrict isn’t White supremacy. I’ll wait... https://twitter.com/khivequeenbee/status/1219283121620733952
What Joe’s indicating with his commitment to “battle for the soul of the nation” messaging is reliable allyship to the Democratic base AND an unapologetic call for solidarity from *reliable White allies* (who don’t want more fascism) to unite and vote blue with US on 11/3/20. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1234898371342667777
I’m gonna keep hammering all of the above points 🏡 because, as I told Rick in this podcast, White men aren’t marginalized or the base of the D party but their critique of D messaging/policy becomes the holy grail of punditry takes & dampens enthusiasm for R/I crossover voting. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1252851427031969792
Folk also don’t understand that Joe is even *more* threatening to White supremacy (Putin & the GOP plus the 1% by extension and conspiracy) than both HRC and PBO were b/c he’s calling it out explicitly as a 77 year old White MAN who helped legislate global integration. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/797448475411697665
Nah, I’m not implying a damn thing, I’m EXPLICITLY stating that the ENTIRE American experiment has been predicated on the needs and wants of White supremacy superseding everything and everyone else, and that’s why American democracy is crumbling to the ground right now. Congrats. https://twitter.com/m_mulhol/status/1253692734298296321
If Biden takes Texas, I’ll put my @BetoORourke sign back in my yard in preparation for #BetoForGov2022. #FlipItBlueTX #StayAliveToFlipItBlue #DontMessWithNeverTrumpers 🔥 https://twitter.com/BloomerConnie/status/1253703620568236034
You have it the wrong way around, mental fracker. 🧐 Diversity & integration are necessary for the development of empathy, if there’s any hope of such development from the oppressor. I’m in the camp that doesn’t look to oppressors for hope though, so do with that what you will. https://twitter.com/mentalfracking/status/1253707672869834755
Because they want to hold onto their hatred and the feigned superiority that comes with their lower melanin content. For centuries. It confers too much money, power & privilege for the White American voting majority to have done anything other than vote GOP for the last ~56 YRS. https://twitter.com/okielibsherry/status/1253710387696074752
Once AGAIN for the fragile folk who still think talking about how lethal fascism/White supremacy are is worse and more risky than the actual pandemic of fascism and White supremacy in the WH/SCOTUS/Congress/GOP base...🗣 #Confederacygate #Cult45* #MAGAMasochism #GOPGenocide https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1175596798515273728
This isn’t something America gets to keep blatantly lying about. The “secret” is already outta the bag, so getting defensive and fragile about it now won’t end the carnage or make the folk who voted for and are still enabling it look better. Cut bait, y’all. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/910260380521435137
You don’t get to keep pretending racism isn’t the root of the dysfunction when even Putin sees it and has been exploiting it to turn the world upside down for 5 years and counting. How does denying and ignoring it make it go away or secure our election system before 11/3/20? https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1181635294862467079
Do tell, Bro... https://twitter.com/kmercadel/status/1253759985873494016
All this death/destruction and their numbers haven’t budged one bit. #NoRemorse 😷 #CrueltyIsThePoint #AmericanSociopath #Deplorable https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/920607627935141888
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1000355991135940608
Battle for the soul of a nation... https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1049633722230812673
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1091846796811345920
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1063553456366071809
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/900460504619077632
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1198842847044292611
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1200929552974921729
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1176252976928886784
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1098312752911826945
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/874462247006949376
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/rawstory/status/973944752772132864
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/810617191494275072
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Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/899241786153074688
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Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/nmaahc/status/898281651582652416
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1199904574917824512
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1150189705633370115
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1000827043393736704
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/899244160523358212
Battle for the soul of a nation: #Racism #SouthernStrategy101 https://twitter.com/Solitude631/status/1254147635268763651
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/900676105245528067
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/898562413326471168
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/692112392319295492
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/768590520708763650
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1071932944061730816
Battle for the “❤️” of a genocide: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1071932253431844864
Battle for the ☠️ of a democracy, Constitution and “superpower”: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1203473701125021697
Battle for the “credibility” and “freedom” of the “Fourth Estate”: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1084514062866763776
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/692786507107569664
Battle for the soul of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/743795428118827008
Battle for the🩸in red 🥩: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/769206154329067520
Battle for “welfare queen” hypocrisy: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/769200963055857664
Battle for self-induced “economic anxiety” and a scapegoat of color: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/769207938456047621
Battle for for-profit, prison-based slavery post-1865/67: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/769207593533263872
Battle for the pews of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/762670190848946176
Battle for the reputation of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/988415650640072704
Battle for the social media of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/998240859891085313
Battle for the sadomasochism of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/702551219265384448
Battle for the poster-child-of-racist vulture-capitalism of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/769258709998370816
Battle for the tyrannical, domestically terroristic insurgency of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/743818944859930624
Battle for the undue privilege and power-to-be-lethal-with-impunity of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/742421218234490880
Battle for the brainwashing of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/815572583223623681
Battle for the Boomers of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1083357518028595200
Battle for the nihilistic, privileged and/or easily duped of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1002292988184268800
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Battle for the tax revenue of a nation: https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/943219159130918913
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