This is a #Pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on planet. Found across India naturally & un-harmful but millions are hunted & trafficked across Asia & Africa. All eight species of them are under threat for their use in medicines. There is no proof that they spread #Covid19.
They are Ant eaters & important part of ecosystem. Indian pangolin is found across India & now endangered. Everywhere they are on their last leg. Scales are used in traditional medicines mistakenly for ailments & reducing impotency. Huge market in China & SE Asia. Both AP images.
Last year Singapore seized 8.8 tonnes of #elephant #ivory & 11.9 tonnes of #pangolin scales in 3 containers en route from DR Congo to Vietnam. For which 33,000 pangloin were killed. This is only one such seizure. There is huge market & harmless creature hunted to the extinction.
Now in case of #Covid19 there are research which says that the virus is from bats & pangolin acted as a mediator for jumping on human. Still no consensus & research is going on.

Human virus spillover from reservoir species is one event. It is very complex phenomenon.
Things we know for sure;

- Pangolins dont spread #Covid19. It is spreading across globe via human to human transmission.

So pangolins which are found naturally in India are no danger to anybody. They are harmless creatures. Let them live.

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