Yet we have people shaming nurses & doctors for “smiles” or for doing #TikTok & dancing

Dear God, if there is a shred of joy, let it be

In general, loudest #MedTwitter voices in shaming clinicians, are NOT licensed professionals on front lines

#mentalhealth #PTSD
Examples of stigma and shaming of nurses and doctors - some of the marginalization of clinicians or any hospital worker is unavoidable but follow thread to see examples of completely unnecessary shaming (shaming, btw, is never the right approach)
This was posted by psychiatrist @drjessigold on #PTSD in clinicians from experience of caring at front lines of #COVID19 #pandemic
Why I have responded each time I have seen a tweet like this - am deeply concerned by the idea spread that we should censor/silence/hide
unintentional ways silencing uses tactics of bullies and/or makes conspiracy theorists the standard

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In fact @NodakEM is right.

The nature of conspiracy theories is not having logical thought processes and extrapolating things in extreme ways.

That is NOT the way a healthy brain works.

That is NOT the standard to follow.
Another shaming message

As if this is biggest issue?

As a Muslim woman + WOC
my experience: women are ones policing subjective nebulous right/wrong behavior/culture - be it Muslim women or white women

How ppl treat me is my “own fault”?

In fact, from @colleenmfarrell

Dance heals and brings joy and is a buffer to mental health impacts

Those censoring and silencing are contributing to mental health harms

To repeat, censorship is harm

Humor is healthy

Dance is healing

Dance is joy
Look at how this #Rumi quote, from #Sufi #Muslim tradition, is used by a #Christian based organization depicting a cross and #ballet

#Dance is bringing people together

Guess who hates #unity and #joy?


They ridicule and attack to shut it down

Do NOT empower bullies
What black men & women know is (or as a Muslim women I know): we will never be good enough, perfect enough. Perfection in the U.S., UK, or Europe is a myth believed by white women who take it upon themselves to police everyone else on behavior. In fact:
Personally, I have been cyberbullied by white nationalists AND by Muslims and ..gosh who has NOT bullied, shamed, tried to control me?

Am too Muslim, not Muslim enuf. Too fat. Talk/tweet too much. Too dark. Not dark enuf

Your reactions to me are YOUR business. Worry about self
The irony is that those trying to police others are making a public display of their *own* inability to have disciplined attention and focus in #crisis

Look, everyone is struggling

But don’t make *your* need for #control ....harmful to others

Stop suppressing #joy and #healing
In case you need a white man to give permission, here is Bob Fosse & Gene Kelly.

If you stop to examine you will realize it it “primitive” and uncontrolled, therefore “uncivilized” nature of dance that is triggering the anger and disgust and disproportionately harsh response.
This is exactly how seemingly “liberal” & “savior” & “woke” white folk, esp white women harm WOC, POC, Muslim women & men at times of crisis their out of cultural chauvinism + need for control

Stop it

Take care of/heal yourself before looking outward 
When I saw this inappropriate baseless public shaming & censure by non-clinical faculty/staff

of black male trainee (who HAD done everything thru institutional approval + got widespread positive feedback)

Why speculate? Verify

I immediately recognized this pathway of bias
This is the exact opposite of creating safe spaces

or promoting #mentalhealth

This is all about protecting the institution’s reputation

which perfectly aligns with this

If institutional “optics” vs human healthcare worker

what is valued?

Whenever you see person employed by an institution talking about “optics“

be very very careful

they are clearly signaling what metrics they are paid to deliver

they will care more about innuendo than facts or evidence-based medicine

Image > human beings

anti- #mentalhealth
There absolutely are #ethics & #safety issues in #healthcare

I’ve had to discipline & remove credentials from doctors & nurses in #Medicaid

these issues are NOT limited to one clinician type

requires #interdisciplinary standards as in this thread
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