been sleeping all day bcs I feel like shit LMAO
fell asleep since 6am
until 6pm
I know that's just going to make my mood worse, but!
how could my mood not being shite when I read that BS rape-y fantasy story my bf sent to me 🙃 said he googled it online cuz he was trying (((too))) hard to get me into the mood
like wtf
"didn't I just told u few hrs ago how intimate moment scares me bcs of my trauma from my previous ex? and now I gotta be scared of u too?????????"
like I don't get it.
how did he not recognise it that when someone's body language showed that they don't want to have sex like moving ur hands away, walking off and explicitly say "no" to u no matter how turned on they are
even a doubt for sexual activity DOESN'T MEAN it's a sign for you to tryharding ur partner into saying yes.
that's fucked up.
I thought I told him I don't want him to make me get into the mood
but he STILL doing it!
why do ppl do this?
why there are ppl who addicted to sex too much they do these bullshit?
and then when I generalised men, he got mad
but how could I not match him with my ex when he acted like this too?
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