1. Sri Sri Vidhyadheesha Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Palimaru Matha has made a special appeal keeping in mind Akshaya Tritiya. Due to the present coronavirus scare, he has asked for sajjanas to perform daana of 'suvarna'. Su-varna interpreted as 'good letters' or mantras.
2. He has asked sajjanas to make a sankalpa on Akshaya Tritiya and start chanting of mantras such as Vishnu Sahasranama, Lakshmi Shobhane, Dhanvantari mantra (for those who have upadesha), Saptashati and other mantras. This must be done with explicit intention of loka kalyana.
3. Further he has made a special appeal to all Vaidikas to contribute to making 1 CRORE japa of Sri Rudra (namakam + chamakam). With the single intention of beating coronavirus. Sri Swamiji has appealed that the message be shared and all those who have adhikara take this up.
4. Each sajjana interested in this can take sankalpa on Akshaya Tritiya and start the parayana of Sri Rudram. At a suitable date later samarpana of all of the japa can be done to paramatma.
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