Colleagues at Glasgow City Council have given @GlasgowCVS an update on Shielding and food packs for us to share.
In case you don't already know, Shielding is the programme to support people who are most at risk of COVID. These people will have had a letter from Scot Gov and they will include people who have had organ transplants, etc.
Shielding Plus is a wider programme for people who are slightly less at risk, but risk is still significant - people over 70, pregnant women, people who get the flu jab. There is a national helpline 0800 111 4000 for them to be connected to support if they need it.
People who are on Shielding are entitled to request a grocery pack of 23 basic items. 4,000 people in Glasgow have claimed this. GCC tell us that they are now adding a fresh food supplement to that, starting from this week.
Glasgow CC have extended the offer to Shielding Plus people where there is a vulnerability due to ill-health, disability or financial vulnerability due to COVID. That will start from next week, and will be by referral from HSCP, Scottish Welfare Fund and the Shielding Helpline
British Red Cross have been provided with 600 parcels a week to distribute to people on an emergency basis (4-24 hr response). Again, accessed via the Shielding Helpline
All of the packages can be enhanced if the person identifies dietary requirements, allergies or religious considerations.
I am conscious of the amazing job that the voluntary sector has been doing around food since the outbreak of Coronavirus. This information will hopefully enable organisations to plan their food provision as effectively as possible.
If you want more info on Shielding or Shielding Plus then visit:

Shielding -

Shielding Plus (it isn't technically called that, but it's an easy shorthand) -
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