Brands: We need to get those Ramadan Kareem emails that we haven't prepared for out fast before people think we didn't prepare for Ramadan. Common Marketing. This is super important. Highest priority. Drop everything. Message. Out. Now!

Reality: Swipe to recycle bin.

Brands: Call the agency. We need a Ramadan Kareem wish that is unique and shows people we care and are part of the community.

Agency: You have no engagement, 90% of your followers are fake and we haven't been able to answer complaints for weeks.

Brands: Ramadan. Greeting. Now.
Marketing: Wait, why did we send an Email and Social Media post without the Ramadan offer?

Brands: What offer?

Marketing: Send a Push notification! Now!

Reality: Clear All Notifications.
Marketing: Push notifications didn't convert. Let's ignore why people do not engage with our brand, define our fundamental flaws, and send them an SMS. Maybe they don't have internet (in 2020) or have silenced our notifications

Reality: OPTOUT sms to 2321

Real reality: Delete
CEO: I am not impressed with our Ramadan "Campaign".
Marketing: We will resend all comms with the Ramadan offer. But can we please have more budget to do more ads with little to no planning or experience because we hired inexperienced people?

CEO: Make it happen!
Brands: We need a 30-day plan for our Ramadan campaign to drive 30x sales. Don't worry that we're operating at 30% staffing, have logistical challenges and haven't heard from our suppliers. Get sales.

Reality: "I am never buying from them again, they don't even answer the phone"
People are simple.

Brands need to simply talk to their audiences as humans do. Listen as humans do. Understand as humans do. Respond as humans do. And, act as humans do.

Do to others what you'd like done to you.

What is so hard about that?
Brands: Emails, SMSs, Pushes and Social Media posts out. We are relevant, we are in touch with the times, we are a part of our community, we are a local company, people love us. People will buy from us because we care.

Reality: Swipe.
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