If you use Whatsapp you may know that Groups can list all media, documents and links shared in the group. A couple of groups I belong to have now become great repositories of useful online resources and documents. A search field would improve things, but still a good resource.
Other groups, of course, will rarely have any links or docs shared, but of course plenty of media- photos, memes, gifs and the like. Also helps to see who, if any, does share links or docs in a group and not just gifs.
For me, often sharing a link or a document with a relevant group is a way of 'bookmarking' or collecting that resource so I can find it again, particularly when using the web from my mobile, where I rarely bookmark sites and never save my search/browsing history.
More than once I have gone to a Whatsapp group's links list/history to find a resource again in order to cite it or sharing with others within or outside Whatsapp.
Folk often think that if a link or document is shared on Whatsapp the sender means others to read it right away. Recipients feel like they need to say "I'll look at it later..."; perhaps they rarely do... (cont)
But unless expressly time-sensitive or urgent (there are all sorts of Whatsapp groups I suppose) links can be shared to be listed in the Group's links or docs list. Later, when not rushing or busy with other stuff, users can go to the links list, and pick and choose.
It would be good to know if more people actually do this, or if it's just a few of us geeks. Anyway, thanks for reading. Thread ends for now, let's get this show officially started.
(P.S. If you then get an idea to write and publish a peer-reviewed article on this very question after reading this thread -believe me, it has happened- don't forget to cite this humble thread. It's nice to do so. Cheers!)
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