#Armeniangenocide is a hoax, not based on historical/legal facts, while Armenian sufferings and high number of mortality during the WWI is an undeniable fact. Insisting on genocide is politically motivated rather than an effort for honest remembrance & hinders reconciliation. 1/
This country, that government or some parliament recognized the so-called “Armenian genocide” don’t matter at all. What matters is Turkey does not and will not recognize it. 2/
Prof.Bernard Lewis was a preeminent historian on Ottoman& Middle Eastern history w/ more than 30 books,hundreds of articles& competence in at least a dozen languages.Please do take a careful listen to what he said about the so called #ArmenianGenocide 3/
Prof. Bernard Lewis:

“The massacre of the Armenians in the #Ottoman Empire was the same as what happened to the #Jews in #Nazi Germany; that is a downright falsehood.

What happened to the #Armenians was the result of a massive #Armenian armed rebellion against the #Turks .” 4/
“The impression that the Turks must have been guilty of oppression and one-sided massacre of Armenians seldom based on study of history. Instead, it is a general belief that has passed into popular culture.” Prof Justin McCarthy, University of Louisville. 5/
“No authentic documentary evidence exists to prove the culpability of the central government of Turkey for the massacres of 1915-1916.” Guenter Lewy. #LetHistoryDecide 6/
Excellent piece by Dr. Edward J. Erickson, retired professor of military history from the Marine Corps University, on the so-called #ArmenianGenocide claims. 7/

“Regarding the massacres in eastern Anatolia in 1915, the fact that thousands of Armenians were deliberately killed is not in question. However, the facts about who the perpetrators were and the level at which decisions were made to kill Ottoman-Armenians are in question.” 8/
“There is a large amount of archival evidence that has been excluded from the Armenian version of the narrative. Much of this evidence is inconvenient for the Armenian diaspora because it provides counterpoints to the notion that an actual genocide occurred.” 9/
Generations were and are being raised with hatred against Turks by the Armenian diaspora organizations. 10/
Since 1973, 58 Turkish citizens, 31 diplomats&family members,have lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks by ASALA,JCAG&ARA.
The death toll amounts to 77,including foreigners. Hundreds of people were injured due to their attacks as well.11/
Armenian National Committee Chairman Mourad Topalian is a convicted #terrorist who worked for @ANCA_DC !!!

Take a watch👇

“NBC on Armenian terrorist network”

Cahide Mıhçıoğlu,Turkish diplomat’s wife was assassinated by the terrorist organization “Armenian Revolutionary Army” (ARA) in Lisbon on 27.7.1983. Her 17 year-old son wounded.Murderers were commemorated by some sick ppl raised on hatred and radicalised by diaspora platforms.13/
In 2017 European Court of Human Rights ruled another milestone judgement reaffirming its position that the events of 1915 was no #Holocaust and therefore there is no such thing as “denial of #Genocide”. Period. 14/
For some reasons non-muslims are often referred to as the victims of “genocide” while muslims are presented like they had voluntarily moved or simply disappeared. Forced #Displacements of 5 Million #Muslims, 1770-1923 - An Annotated #Map by Prof. Justin McCarthy. 15/
Remember,each time you a hear a story about the sufferings of the Ottoman Armenian grandmas& grandpas, that there are also stories about the sufferings of the Turkish grandmas&grandpas that you don’t hear. You hear one, more than the other does not make the former a genocide. 16/
“Madem “soykırım” oldu, delilleriyle ortada, biz ne desek boş, ne yapsak “inkar”, buyurun o zaman hukuk yoluna gidelim. Giderler mi? Gidemezler. Neden? Rahmetli Büyükelçi Gündüz Aktan’dan dinleyelim. Tamamı için 👇 17/
“Since #genocide is an imprescriptible crime, #Armenia has recourse to the International Court of Justice at the Hague and may therefore ask the court to determine, whether it was genocide. But I know they cannot do it.They do not have a legally sustainable case.” 19/
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