How do we recover nature in the UK? A ‘Bigger, Better, More joined up’ nature recovery network. I think there is a lot of agreement on Bigger and More joined up. More intense debate about what Better means: Better Management or Nature Working Better? #conservation #rewilding
My view is these ideas are complimentary. Management is important for helping species hang on. But intensive perpetual management is not a sustainable long-term solution. Nature looking after itself #rewilding should be the goal wherever possible.
I think this echos message of first #rewilding paper by Soulé and Noss back in 1998 “ #rewilding and #Biodiversity complementary goals for continental conservation"
There is a great opportunity for conservationists of all different persuasions to come together and devise a strategy for nature recovery that embraces diversity, as I think diversity begets diversity and diversity is the goal! #rewilding #biodiversity #conservation #nature
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