Many shutdown hotels, plenty of laid off and unpaid workers, almost no tourists, unoperated flights, shutdown of airports, etc. Stay strong dear fellow hoteliers!
As the industry has contributed quite a lot to the country, I still do not get it; why there is no clear guidance of how the country will take care of this industry?
The country allows manufacturing industry to not pay the tax, but why does not do the same with hospitality industry?
This industry was the first to fall, and might be the latest to rise.
I'm still in a good place, anyway. I still go to work, I still get paid, I still have some savings, I still have a renthouse to live, I still have food in my fridge, and I'M STILL SINGLE!
It's a tough situation, but I still live quite okay.
But I also know many of my friends do not know where to live next month because no money to pay rooms, how to manage cashflow since loans still must be paid, and what to feed the family when having no income.
okay, I'm done. Gonna delete this thread in couple hours.
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