I put a photo thread together to describe the themes that emerged during a 34 hours-long stent in the hospital I just completed. 1/
During my residency at @MGHMedicine I started a habit of taking a break by walking the halls late at night when on call. My hospital is noticeably more empty at night in the non-patient care areas. I enjoy the casual encounters that take place here. It was lonely. 2/
“I don’t know.”
The loneliness in the hallways reflects the isolation you feel as an attending managing #COVID19 pts. Past medschool, I’ve never spent so much time saying, “I don’t know.” We’re still learning about this disease. It feels like you’re in a black box at times. 3/
New Friendships.
Luckily, the “I don’t know” is so widely shared that it’s a point of bonding among colleagues I knew by name/face but never—really—knew. #Surgeons, #Anesthesiology, #Pediatrics, all together. We teach and learn from each other, We’re becoming better for it. 4/
Growth and betterment require change. A lot has changed in the several wks we have been dealing with #COVID19. Some as mundane as how I press an elevator button. But some as large as my unit’s defining culture. What’s worth keeping? How will we/you change? 5/
Everyone seems to harbor guilt. Guilt for their family if they’re on the front lines. Guilt if they aren’t on the front lines. Guilt if they still have a job. Mine is it’s harder to be engaged at home. My wife made this beautiful song. I was home. I didn’t even notice. 6/
Fresh air.
Around hr 12 I’m tired but it’s time to start a new day. The clogs stink and you notice the sweat. A shower helps but putting the #mask back on feels constricting. I just want fresh air. I go out to a patio & #Breathe. I’m reminded this will end one day. I’m ready. 7/
Let’s go.
I’m ready because I have the love and support of my family, my friends, my colleagues, and my community. #HealthCareWorkers and #EssentialWorkers need this support to keep going. 8/
As I approach the end of my shift I think about how we will suffer as a country. But we will still win because:
My #team is ready
We love what we do
Our cause is noble
We have each other’s backs
And, most importantly, we will do what it takes for our patients. @UVASON 9/9
Forgive me that I’m way more used to spelling “stent” instead of “stint” 😃
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