When Bernie said everyone should have healthcare as a right, you called it socialism. Now you are begging for free tests and treatment and healthcare that is not tied to your job.
When Bernie said workers should be guaranteed paid leave you called it socialism, now you are begging for paid leave as places close and people are laid off.
When Bernie said every child in America should have high-quality child care and universal school meals you called it socialism, now schools are closed and you need child care and food for your kids.
When Bernie wanted to cancel all student loan debt to help millions of struggling Americans you called it socialism, now you are begging for student loan and mortgage relief.
When Bernie wanted national rent control so landlords can’t jack up rent prices as high as they want and kick tenants out unfairly, you called it socialism, now you are begging for landlords not to evict tenants during this time.
When Bernie said all people should be making a living wage of at least $15/hr you called it socialism, now you are literally relying on those same people at the grocery store, food service, child care, cleaners and other min wage jobs to SURVIVE.
Bernie has been fighting for basic human rights his entire life and it took a global pandemic for you people to realize he’s been right this whole time.”
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