So now is when I teach you how to make noodles with peanut sauce out of peanut butter, some random soy sauce packets you found in a drawer, some limes, some garlic, and some ginger. I based it on this.
Basically, I sautéed an onion and a lot of garlic in some oil, as always. Everything I make starts this way. Then, worriedly, I added 3 tbs of peanut butter, half a cup of water, some ginger, & a bit of vinegar. Then I found dipping sauce packets in a freezer bag of pot stickers.
Also I added sugar to this. A couple tbs. The potsticker dipping sauce packets were mostly soy sauce, & since I had no fish sauce, I figured screw it, & dumped one in. Then it was an endless matter of tasting & grumbling, but I squeezed a lime into it eventually & found it good.
Then, a bit more water, to make sure I burned no peanut butter, as I know from horrific experience, that’s the grossest thing ever. Then a bundle of chopped bok choy, and I cooked it and stirred it about for a whole til the bok was limp.
You could make this with powdered ginger & powdered garlic. You could even make it with Skippy. You just have to balance it, so add only little bits, taste, add more if needed. Your additions here are salt, lime juice, garlic & ginger. Do this til it tastes delicious. It will.
You could also make a chili garlic oil. I almost did. That’s easy. You could pour this over ramen noodles, or flat egg noodles like I did. You could slice radishes & squeeze more lime over this. It won’t be exactly The Thai Peanut Noodles you dream of, but it will be good.
It’ll also be good cold in the morning when you stick a fork in it & eat some for breakfast. The garlic will have gotten more so. And the noodles will be penetrated w/peanut butter. So make extra. Eventually I’ll make Ba Mee Haeng, but tonight, improv peanut noodles are heaven.
Here’s something you can make out of that bottle of sweet wine I KNOW you have if you’ve ever had a party where you asked people to bring alcohol, and they got you something random on the corner. Yes, it’s a pink zinfandel. Or maybe they were classy and got you muscat.
Or maybe it’s a bottle of white Manischewitz. Or a bottle of Riesling. Or a wine cooler. Regardless, it’s a wine bottle you look at & think Not Today. Why don’t you use this - unless you’ve used it for sangria, as I previously recommended - to make some fancy Italian dessert!
Yes, it’s time for Zabaglione. It’s sweet wine custard! In Italian, sbaglione means “big mistake” but as far as quarantine cooking is concerned, this is something you probably have ingredients for! And it’s actually delicious!
Zabaglione is egg yolks, sugar, and that sweet sweet wine. Well, for the dessert version! You can also make a sabayon (another name for it) savory and use it as a sauce for dinner. It requires whisking over heat. But it’s easy. Read this.
If I was making a zabaglione at the moment I might make one to go with some of the frozen berries I have hanging out in the freezer. That’s a classic. But I could also make a savory version, with a drier white wine, an egg yolk, lemon juice, and paprika, & pour it over spinach.
Here’s a recipe for a savory horseradish zabaglione/sabayon. It’s meant for steak, which I don’t eat, but I’d put it on top of oil-packed tuna cakes (see a few tweets ago when I put up some recipes for fish cakes), or some salmon, & that’d be major too.
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