1/This thread is going to highlight & provide evidence that the precious metals markets have been grossly manipulated. I will focus on the Gold & Silver markets. This is something all investors should care about, especially after the GREAT PAPER OIL CRASH we've been witnessing.
2/Many of these initial threads will include a lot of historical background information, because in this case it is very relevant. We have seen time and time again that these corrupted officials use the same play book, over & over. Enjoy!
3/With NESARA, the U.S. exiting bankruptcy & the Fed being absorbed into Treasury, these are exciting times. But virtually no one is paying attention, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I believe if you're confident, wouldn't you rather be 10 years too early than 1 minute too late?
4/One can go back to the creation of our country & Gold & Silver manipulation was rife then. People would shave Gold & Silver off coins. They would attempt to make fake coins. This has been going on since the days of the Romans. Nothing new.
5/The Fed however, under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 kicked this manipulation into overdrive, helped by the prior two Central Bank failures in the U.S., giving these actors knowledge about how to cement a permanent Central Bank around the globe, forever. Or so they thought.
6/Sometimes when you see President Trump in the Oval Office, you will notice a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who is also on the $20 bill. That is because he is the last successful president to take down a Central Bank. Trump has his eyes set on the prize. Trust The Plan!
7/One oz of Gold in 1933 was $20. In order to pull all Gold out of circulation, the US Treasury offered $35/oz & made Gold ILLEGAL to own in the United States under EO 6102. Central banks and other countries however were exempt, U.S. persons were barred until 1/1/1975.
8/Silver, on the other hand, has always been legal to own. It has been money for the average person for many millennia. Silver has also been the most manipulated metal, especially in the Futures markets by Banks all over the globe, in conjunction with their Central Banks.
9/While the Fed indirectly took control of Gold in 1971 with the U.S.'s release from the gold standard, Silver was still trading freely on the open market at around $1.55 an ounce. Only 8 1/2 years later, by January 21, 1980, Silver had gone parabolic to a record high of $49.
10/The line of thinking at the time was "let's decouple from the Gold system in an orderly fashion, allow other Central Banks in countries to remove their Gold from the US but let the Silver float freely....
11/.... as to allow those in the know to exchange into Silver during times of intense inflation (the 1970s is also known as a period of stagflation, where prices rise faster but economic growth is lackluster). AKA "the lost decade".
12/The manipulation is designed to cause bubbles, with huge run-ups in the price of silver, followed by a precipitous collapse in price (1980, 2011). This keeps price discovery in the dark, because it is difficult to determine Silver's value when Central Banks manipulate.
13/These invisible hands pushed Silver prices to a historic low of $4.07 on November 19, 2001 (very interesting being right after 9/11 & before the War really heated up). When the average person struggles, they sell their Gold & silver coins & jewelry for cash.
14/Banks & other institutions have been able to purchase at ridiculously artificial low prices (even today), which are being push down by the Banks trading desks & other insiders. Whatever the going rate is for the day, that's the price that someone has to buy or sell at.
15/JPMorgan had amassed an astounding 26,562 tons of silver (850M oz of Silver) & 625 tons of Gold (20M oz of Gold), highlighted by Ted Butler, while simultaneously cornering the short market. Playing both sides. They havent had Futures losses in 11 years!
16/Bart Chilton, former CFTC commissioner who passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 58, did a tell-all before his passing. Road to Roota does a good job at explaining in detail. @RoadtoRoota
17/Between what these "research whistleblowers" have uncovered, as well as everything that has been brought to light in the Trump administration, it is clear this manipulation is near the end of the road.
18/Over the last 3 yrs, we needed all of these 3 & 4-letter Gov't agencies gutted of corruption, Federal judges put in place to handle the case loads & a public armed with knowledge & a burning desire for justice to see things get done. What these people have done is TREASONOUS.
1st picture intraday collapse in August 2019
2nd picture a 30 year chart of Gold (Blue) & Silver (Red).
22/Think of JPMorgan as a Pit Boss. There are other handlers, but they are the ones on top making the shots because they have a line right to the Fed (probably the NY branch, ESF fund). They then call their other bank friends & tell them what Futures to buy or sell.
23/They spoof Futures contracts, meaning they would put in orders to buy or sell without an intention of filling the order. Why would they do this? To create an illusion that the market is bigger than it actually is, so other participants enter the market that otherwise won't.
24/Banks & Brokerage houses have vast access to retail & institutional investors order flows, as well as stop loss orders. That, coupled with algorithmic trading & you have a recipe where fake artificial volatility creates its own real volatility in a self-fulfilling prophecy.
25/I have well documented the fact that physical precious metal prices have recently deviated significantly higher than paper prices. Spot prices are manipulated by Futures, as we've seen with the Oil Futures Market! I have been WARNING people that PRECIOUS METALS ARE NEXT.
26/BANK OF AMERICA is even predicting Gold at $3,000 an ounce by 2021. So a bank that is holding your Federal Reserve deposits (NOT FEDERAL, NO RESERVES) is TELLING YOU that Gold is the real store value.
27/No wonder the Swiss & others around the world love Gold so much, because they know their history! Americans should look at history & go out & buy Gold & Silver, at any reasonable price available. Think of it as twofold: Diversification, & an insurance policy wrapped in one.
28/Here are some supplemental links to help you if you wish to do more digs on Gold & Silver. I hope you enjoyed my thread, & thank you for reading! 🙏🙌
29/Physical Gold consistently $250 over spot for the last 30 days: https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1250955019425320961?s=19
30/NY Fed's ESF back in the day selling Gold to fund it's secret projects: https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1250271890452533248?s=19
31/Joshua 6:29 & 6:24. In God We Trust, Amen 🙏🙌: https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1248468577549574144?s=19
32/Silver spot price is much higher than current prices by $10+: https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1240402042348331011?s=19
33/Discussing manipulation when Gold & Silver were down big in March: https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1238796146446868481?s=19
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