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Is anyone interested in having a federal #cdnpoli party that approached things from the perspective of “let’s work together to set our country’s goals, and to figure out best ways to achieve them” rather than starting/ending with partisan or ideological straitjackets?
A party that didn’t begin and end every policy discussion with an argument for or against public or private initiative, but sought the most effective mix of the two.
A party which actively seeks out the involvement of a wide variety of people who bring a wide variety of perspectives - with open minds and a willingness to try new and different ideas.
A party that isn’t offended by borrowing good ideas from others, and doesn’t back away from the “embarrassment” of changing approaches when better ideas present themselves.
A party that gets the challenges inherent in having Westerners, Easterners, francophones, anglophones, allophones, Indigenous people, labour, business, experts and generalists to work together - and not only accommodates the fact they do not all always agree, but values it.
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