Thank you to psychologists from Wuhan, China for helping @APA to learn from their experiences of #COVID and improve our ability to care for the #mentalhealth & needs in the #USA.
They described 3 phases of #COVID that required a unique psychological intervention: (a) panic at outset, (b) frustration during quarantine, and (c) trauma and depression, and economic hardship afterwards.
They identified 4 unique groups of people who need psychological intervention: (a) front-line #HealthCareWorkers, (b) patients with mild COVID, (c) patients with severe COVID, and (d) people who lost family members.
During the quarantine, they described using frequent group psychotherapy to reach many people through telehealth and phone. They used Balant groups for physicians, which were helpful.
They confirmed that most people infected with #COVID in China were older adults. Surprisingly, they did not see many patients with neuropsychological deficits after recovering from being on a ventilator.
As #COVID progressed, they trained their workforce In real-time (and especially supervisors) to respond to the panic, trauma, frustration with quarantine, etc. This was especially helpful.
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