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1 - (this is pretty cold but it'll get hotter as they go on) there's literally no reason to make edgy shitposts supporting Ted Kaczynski.

Want an edgy subject? The ELF were just as edgy and violent but actually stood for *something* radical rather than vague CIA-induced hatred
2 - dear god the word "comrade" is larpy as hell.

it's not fun! it makes you sound like a history reenactor. if you want a word for it, say 'friends' or 'cousins' or hell, even just 'fuckers'. just say SOMETHING that's not vaguely militaristic larpy navel-gazing
3 - a lot of things Bookchin slandered as lifestylism such are just veiled classism.

most of the 90s anarchists were homeless or poor folks who HAD to squat/steal/dumpster dive/etc.

acting like a leftist NGO bureaucrat is *way* more alienating to working class folks
4 -

leftists need to stop treating "The Panthers" like they were one org with one policy.

The East coast chapters had a much more insurrectionist and identity based politic, and frequently got pushed aside by the Oakland central committee (which didn't like them AT ALL).
5 - don't read pre-ww1 theorists for their theory. read them for the historical context. their theory tends to have been obsoleted, and where it hasn't, someone more recent has expanded upon it in a much more thorough way.
6 - the only reason MLs look more prominent than anarchists is because capitalists aren't really afraid of MLs.

anarchists get shut down *way* quicker, because the state and capital are terrified by them
7 - i'd rather work with rural white conservatives than urban white socdems.

most conservatives have been indoctrinated into ignorance, but socdems have been exposed to radical ideas and chose to reject them.
8 - politics is prefigurative, but so is the actions of the individual.

that's why i think self- improvement/crit is one of the most important parts of being a radical.

By overcoming ignorance you can build yourself into being prefigurative of a post-revolutionary world
9 - theory is important yes, but learning history is way more important than theory.

a good book on the rise and fall of a single radical movement is more useful to the average organizer than all of Capital.

my DSA chapter did this shit ALL the time when i was in it.

I was an *ELECTED OFFICER* and i couldn't go to some meetings because i was a minor! and beyond that, there's lots of folks with trauma around alcohol, etc.
11 - even if they're of good heart, a wealthy person (and by wealthy i don't mean millionaires, i mean like 80,000+ a year) is not going to be a good organizer.

they're disconnected from the working struggle and will not understand things like a working class person would.
12 - (going off of 11) if you're a well-off or wealthy radical, you should still be living as frugally as possible. donate anything above that to local organizing: that's the way you can best help radical movement.

money is so much more important than another body in a crowd
13 - dear god don't recommend the bread book to newbies to anarchism. it's only good for looking at anarchist attitudes in the late 1800s

honestly, it's a bit preachy and edgy but crimethinc's "Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck" is a good, accessible introduction
14 - Transhumanism is just the natural evolution of the settler/capitalist narrative of "progress". Don't fall for it.
15 - if your radical group is whiter/more male/more cishet than the general population of your area, your group has done something very, very wrong.

a lot of people never stop to think about their groups demographics, and that's how you get groups that are 90% white cis guys
16 - we need to do more art and music about contemporary radical history!

part of how previous leftist movements carried on their legacy was through song and art. lots of folk knows Joe Hill, thanks in part to the ballad in his name. Were it not for that, he'd be rather obscure
17 - don't join DSA. ever, for any reason.

I used to be like "they're hit and miss uwu" but now i'm telling you, stay as far the hell away from them as you possibly can.

you'd be better off taking that dues money and buying a fancy dinner, cause then at least you'd enjoy it
18 - you know those 'socialism guys'? you know the type, white, middle class, educated 20 somethings, often with beards, listen to podcasts, use twitter a lot, etc.

never fucking trust them with ANYTHING. i wouldn't want to be in a room alone with one.
19 - MLs don't like to admit this but ML groups are just as white, if not whiter than anarchist groups.

MLs are just *really* good at elevating a few token minorities and making it seem like they're representative of the group as a whole.

spoiler alert, they're not
20 - the left needs to get *more* militant and willing to espouse violence, not less.

The idea that the average person is afraid of violence comes from the fact that white middle class people are usually afraid of violence (which is the background most leftists come from)
21 - never use the concept of "America" positively.

don't appeal to it's founding mythos, don't appeal to the civil war, don't appeal to it's "liberty". It is a genocidal settler state, always has, always will be.

To be proud of it is to be proud of genocide.
22 - to go along with the previous, stop naming your organizations after settler territories!

The fact that an organization is called "X of America" or "X of Canada" or even "X of NYC" shows me that you don't care about settler-colonialism.

Learn the name of the land you're on
23 - sure yeah, don't trust people who say slurs.

But don't trust people who trust people who say slurs. If they're willing to overlook shit like that because "we're friends" or "they have good stuff otherwise", they just do not care about the folks effected by that language.
24 - knowing multiple languages is a wonderful skill! use it to help translate stuff

a lot of excellent theory (especially anarchist stuff) is only available in english, and it deserves to be read by folks who don't know english.

translate stuff!
25 - breadtube fucking sucks. don't watch it. next!
26 - however i think actual anarchists should start doing content on youtube, as it could be useful to radicalize otherwise well-meaning folks who have been suckered into the grift-spiral that is breadtube.
27 - if you're not disabled, EXERCISE! spend less time reading theory and more time getting stronger!

radical movements rely on having fit folks to fight. in the late 1840s, one of the first thing marxists did in the US was organize a fuckton of gyms
28 - MLs are more of a nuisance than a serious threat.

They're not going to arrest and purge us all; but only because the modern ML movement is so incompetent and tiny they're never going to take power.

They're more deserving of ridicule than hatred.
29 - Learning basic skills is more important than theory!

I'm still struggling with this, but I think folks should know stuff like how to repair clothing, how to gather food, how to treat injuries, etc.

We really need an anarchist version of the Scouts
30- When you want to radicalize folks, espicially from a marginalized background, don't just rant about how much the system sucks. They *know* it sucks, they've faced the full brunt of it.

Spend more time showing how things in their lives could be materially improved.
31 - the hammer and sickle looks cool and all but we should really be using new symbols.

the hammer and sickle worked because folks could relate to those tools. and sure, lots of folks use both today. but the symbol has become so memetic that it's lost its original impact
32 - I'm not opposed to orgs as an idea, but modern "org culture" has managed to replicate everything terrible with business culture.

Pointless meetings about nothing? Check.

Polite yet alienating lingo and cadence? Check.

Incredibly good at spreading burnout? check!
33 - i think i need to talk more about how much org meetings suck.

so much fucking debate for the sake of it, so much slowing shit down, so much weird interpretation of bylaws, PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE

all for shit that could be resolved in 10 minutes and a couple quick votes!
34 - DSA has helped conditioned me to hate parlimentary procedure. i don't care if it's roberts' rules, rusty's rules, martha's rules, or my asshole' rules

if you're in a position where folks have to use parliamentary procedure, your meeting probably has too many people.
35 - (expanding off 34) folks are way too scared of having delegate systems based off small meetings!

10 separate meetings of 10 people, with each having a rotating delegate up to a general meeting is way better than 1 meeting of 100, because it lets everyone get heard.
36 - white europeans still benefit from settler-colonialism, and this includes folks from nationalities without nations-states.

don't act like you're guilt-free from colonization just because you're welsh or irish or whatever
37 - why do you still benefit? because the welfare states of Europe are funded off the looting and plundering of the resources of the global south.

A more 'merciful' capitalism in your country just means even greater capitalist explotation somewhere else.
38 - Average folks don't really care about your lofty idea of utopia. That only works to inspire folks who are already leftists.

Folks become leftists for a reason. Either when it helps them come to terms with themselves, or when it helps benefit their community materially.
39 - The Japanese New Left was arguably cooler than the American New Left, it just doesn't get talked about as much thanks to euro/amero-centrism

(also after it was pushed underground it exploded in a blaze of violence and terrorism which is how most people remember it now)
40 - American leftists suck, but have heart: british leftists suck even more
41 - cascadia is misguided settler ignorance at best and active ecofascism at worst. treat the doug like you'd treat the stars & stripes: burn 'em!
42 - white trans people are not any less racist or problematic than white cis people.

there's a reason trans twitter is so fucking white, it's cause we're fucking terrible at making qtpoc feel welcome
(because we're not willing to call out racism in our communities)
43 - all of my followers are not only very smart and intelligent but they are also highly beautiful and are 35% more likely to be considered to possess "king/queen/monarch shit" than the median demographic
44 - if extant, settlers should have at least *some* familiarity with the Indigenous language of the land they're on

(classes and such are scarce though so please make sure you're not taking up space that could be used by Native folks)
45 - Therapy is one of the most radical processes there is: it's the repair of the most intimate damage the capitalist system and all its interlocking oppressions has inflicted upon us.

We need radical therapy collectives. That's how we fuckin help folks on the most direct level
46 - voting is utterly useless. i wouldn't say it's immoral or anything (we're legitimizing the system just by living in it without burning it down), it just does absolute shit.

if you're in a state with mail ballots do if you want but don't waste a day standing in line
47 - lesbians? pretty cute ngl
48 - good lord stop being a dick to religious people. Being militantly opposed to religion does nothing but alienate folks who could be your allies, and make you feel more rebellious

religion is not the problem, the structures built around it are
49 - there should be way more research being done into how to produce hormones from scratch. that's a huge mutual aid opportunity that is sadly undocumented
50 - one of the only new left radicals who walked the walk was this TRUE KING named Ray Luc Levasseur. Incredible life story, he was a prison activist who ended up fighting an insurrection against the US from the 70s to the mid 80s, bombing businesses that supported apartheid.
51 - fatphobia is a legitimate problem and the way it gets dismissed or just not talked about in leftist circles is a... problem to say the least.
52 - Drugs are fine but addiction is not. I think programs to help folks overcome addictions would be a really wonderful mutual aid program.

Think like, AA but anarchist. It'd be a really good way of both helping folks and showing them the power of mutual aid
53 - I don't think anyone else should have to come up with what is now over a hundred hot takes about radical thought, but I am nothing if not really good at shouting my opinion at people
54 - There's a group of tendencies i like to call "Wikipedia ideologies" - they don't exist IRL, only on wikipedia and left twitter.

I'd put Luxemburgism, Mutualism, Juche (outside DPRK), Bordigism, Platformism, De Leonism, and the biggest of all, Syndicalism, on here
55 - i'm addressing this now the IWW is not syndicalist. They're anarchists who support labor organizing, it's different.

traditional conceptions of Syndicalism just straight up don't work in a system where most workers are service workers
56 - also the IWW is closer to a fraternal society like the Freemasons than an actual org that's going to change things drastically. Like sorry y'all, you *do* do good work, but like... you're a fraternal society.
57 - you don't get to call yourself an anti-imperialist if you turn a blind eye to Soviet/Russian and Chinese imperialism.
58 - mommy kink is unironically radical praxis. do not push me on this I *WILL* go into into a huge rant about how i'm correct here
59 - "Socialism" has been too co-opted by socdems. Just call it Anarchism.
60 - For trans folks to be liberated, we have to abolish cisness. Stop fucking gendering children before they have a chance to choose themselves, you assholes
61 - I think we need to have leftist hiking clubs. the outdoors fuckin slap and we don't get to appreciate them enough
62 - Health officials keep saying the lockdown is going to last until next year. This isn't going to happen, it'd cause the destruction of capitalism thanks to mass unemployment + food riots.

The capitalists would gladly sacrifice a few million proles to save their own asses
63 - leftist folks on here should seek to follow, support, and make friends as many radicals from other countries as possible.

I feel it'd really help cut down on all the ignorance you see floating around left twitter
64 - abolish the western family. seriously, the idea that A) you should be raised by whoever is genetically related to you and B) you should be raised by just two people (???) is ridiculous and harmful as fuck

raising a kid should be a community responsibility. it's important!
65 - please stop liking the first post it's really hard coming up with so many takes
66 - there should be an international language but god i wish it wasn't a european one
67 - revolutions don't fit into neat, pre-determined ideological boxes.

the EZLN, is it anarchist or communist? neither, it's Neozapatismo.

The SANES, is it anarchist or communist? Neither,it's
Democratic Confederalism.

every revolution will take its own ideological form!
68 - The post-left isn't some "new" form of anarchism, it's the natural evolution of what anarchism was before it got co-opted during it's half-century of dormancy during the 1900s
69 - honestly the idea that sex is a private matter is a construct.

until the 1800s most folks lived in one room houses and tended to have large families. people were just exposed to sex constantly, and it just was an everyday thing

consent is important, but privacy is a spook
70 - please stop saying femboys are all racists/nazis/closeted trans girls/etc.

I happen to be friends with two very wonderful anarchist femboys and it's sickening all the shit that gets thrown at them just because they're femboys. Be respectful of all gender identities!
71 - reddit fucking sucks, but reddit leftist subs manage to suck even more
72 - i don't think anyone knows what "dialectical materialism" means, they're just guessing and since no one else knows what it means they never get called out on it
73 - i'm normally opposed to the concept of monarchy but theoretically if someone had incredibly large tits and a very large dick they'd be able to give themselves autopaizuri.

if such a person exists they should be the monarch of their respective region
74 - Marxism-Leninism is just a sped up version of normal capitalism
75 - i personally support abolishing the power grid and restricting power to a decentralized local model as part of a campaign of mass degrowth.

...buuuuttt as long as we have a power grid, nuclear power is probally the best option
76 - the army survival manual, while made by genocidal terrorists, is a pretty fuckin good read in terms of practical information. i think every radical should read it
77 - no one gives a shit about hegel please stop reading hegel
78 - no one also gives a shit about accelerationism, but at least it's fun to read if you're really high, which is how all accelerationist theory has been written
79 - there's probably twice as much anarchist theory than marxist theory out there, it's just that anarchist theory tends to come in zines or digital publications, and marxist theory is "safe" enough to be published
80 - I think a post-revolutionary society should abolish daily time.

the only reason we give a shit about distinct hours and minutes is because we have to work to fit a schedule. there's no other reason for this!
81 - agriculture fuckin sucks. permaculture all the way baby, it has just as high yields with none of the ecocide or potential for state formation 😎
82 - i'd like to ellaborate that agriculture is literally the reason we have states to begin with, and that cities/states/and agriculture are intimately linked. if we wanna abolish one we have to abolish all three
83 - if you like the post at the beginning of this thread you should at least go through and like all the individual takes you helped create!!!!!!!!!!

84 - no one talks about the Nepali revolution and it's confusing to me.

a bunch of maoists overthrow a monarchy after decades of Protracted People's War, and somehow institute a socdem parlimentary system comprised of like 20 different communist parties? fuckin wild
85 - i think cis socialist guys should stop growing beards in an attempt to look "cooler" and "more radical".

wanna look more like a cool communist? take estrogen and wear a dress & thigh highs, commie-boys
86 - i am very tired and unable to make much sense but i swear to god i'll reach 100 no matter what it takes
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