This all started on April 21st when the Lycoming County coroner accused the PA Health Dept of falsely reporting deaths in his county. He claims there are zero virus deaths in Lycoming County, but the PA Health Dept reported two deaths.
Since the coroner's public accusation, the Lycoming County deaths were retracted.
The Sullivan County coroner started publicly questioning why the state is reporting a death in her county.
Stuff like this is why the people have lost confidence in Harrisburg. They demand we listen to the "experts" and "science," but it looks increasingly like the "experts" and "science" over there in the capital don't have it together.
After all, we were the only state to shutdown laundromats, truck stops, dental clinics, construction, and liquor stores.
And now they want to saddle our re-opening to the endless quest of testing and surveillance. They can't even keep an accurate death count. What reason do we have to believe that these Harrisburg "experts" can handle a new and massive state-wide testing and surveillance program?
Secretary Levine earns $161,382 per year. Governor Wolf is so wealthy that he donates his annual salary to charity. They've got the secure jobs and wealth to bumble around and tell the public to just wait around for a few more weeks while they get it together.
The rest of Pennsylvania doesn't have the time or money to wait around for these "experts."
Many in Pittsburgh are questioning why our region isn't slated for re-opening when we meet the "50 cases per 100K people" threshold. Nobody in Harrisburg or the local media has yet to answer that question.
Trust is earned. If Harrisburg wants the public to trust the "experts" and "science," then it needs to give us a reason to trust them.

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